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Monday, December 15, 2014

Mitchell, week 71, Obidos


Alright..... I am slowly getting back on the ball with writing my weekly letters..... But WOW this past week was GREAT!!! Elder Machado and I saw TONS of miracles the biggest ones is that we helped 2 families start their papers to get married!! :D WHOOPIE!!! So like here in a month or so they can be baptized!! :) HECK YEA!!!! But wow it was so sweet seeing their faces smiling ear to ear and thanking us so much for helping them!! But wow that was just 2 miracles that happened in the same week!!! :) Also hahah funny but tomorrow is the Christmas conference with all the missionaries from the zone. And we also received our secret Santa... (I think that's what's its called in English) But yea I received President Scisci as the person I will give the gift. CRAZYY!!!!! HAHA I already got him his gift and its just tons of pressure I think to get him the right fit. But I think I chose the right gift! :P But yea tomorrow is the conference. Where it will be a day full of games and all!! Plus it will be in the same local as last year (Because I am in the same zone as last year during Christmas) But yea the locale is ´pretty and I am excited for the churrasco!! :)))  But also tonight we will be leaving Óbiodos by boat and getting in Santarém tomorrow morning! :)) WHOOPIE!!! BOAT TRIPSSSS!!!! :))) But yea this past week also we did a lot of service projects!! 2 were planned and the other 2 were on the roads as we were walking and stopped and helped. But the 2 that were planned we (Elder Machado and I) cleaned the back part of the church (Or house because the church is renting a house until the NEW chapel is ready) There were tons of trash bags that were almost decomposed with tons of trash and we cleaned it all up. and the other service project was with a member named Wander. WE helped cut down this huge tree. We cut the part that was above the neighbors yard and garden. But yea This past week was AWESOME!! Definitely a week full of miracles!! Also this past week the wards family home evening was at the house of Cleiliane. She is less active that we are helping and we baptized her children and are teaching/baptizing her relatives (parents, sister and her husband and kids, brother in-law and his wife and kids) but wow!! It's crazy to think that we found so many great people to teach and help enter in the water of baptism with just one contact that we did a little over a 1 month ago! CRAZY!!!!
I am excited for this next week! For the Christmas conference and also if all is right we should have 2 more baptisms.... Eduardo and Maria. Eduardo is 10 years old but wow he talks and thinks like a 15 year old and Maria is his sister that is 12 years old! But wow they are so smart and are really searching to find out if the church is really true! But yea I think all with work out this week and we should finish teaching them and help them get baptized!
I gotta get going!! I sure am grateful for all the experiences that I am having here in Óbidos! I sure do love my family and I know that the church is true! I know that during the month of Natal it is important to remember the gift most important in our lives.... Jesus Christ. He is our gift and I am grateful for him and the chance I have to repent of my sins! I am grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to teach the children of God for 2 years of my life!
I wish y'all a happy week full of miracles, happiness, and missionary experiences! Até logo!!
Com amor,
Elder McCrea

my personalized hammock made by a member 

p.s. Sorry about all my English errors and also if I write in Portuguese as well. HAHA Sorry! :P

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mitchell, week 70, Obidos

Its been a long time!!

Hey... I am doing horrible at my weekyl letters!! Sorry! But Elder Machado and I are doing GREAT!!! We had 2 baptisms last week! Sons of Cleliane... Eric and Alessandro. They live in a ranch 1.5 hours away. They and their grandparents were the ones that we visited  3 weeks ago at their ranch. The grandparents also should be starting their Christmas break if all goes well with the work that they have to get done before they can be here in Óbidos. But we hope they can arrive here this week so they also can be baptised. But yea we are so lucky we found this family and I really do hope all goes through. also its a little hard to communicate with them because where they live there is no cellular signal or internet, etc.... but I know it will go through!! 

But yea tons of stuff happened lately! Last week we had zone meeting in Santarem. and it went GREAT!! WE received a new ZL. Elder Young(ester) HAHA!! I already know him, he's a great guy! Also at the meeting I received a box from my pais! :) Obrigado e também from Sister White!!!!!! MUITO OBRIGADO!!!! E também uma 2015 calendario from Laredo 1st Branch! THANKS!!! :) Also I received a card from Sister White and Mariah!! :D So the meeting was great!!!

But also lately we are doing contacts with the "He is the Gift" and mundo feliz! Btw, if y'all haven't yet seen the video check it out But yea.... We are doing like 100 contacts per week. But yea I am grateful for the chance I am here in Óbidos during my last Christmas on a mission! I know that the month is important and I hope I can have a month full of miracles and happiness! 

Some great news.... that the new chapel that is being built is almost ready!! HOLY COW it is looking pretty sweet! Lucky we entered in last night and HOLY COW it is almost ready!!! Here in Óbidos the ward will be so blessed for the new chapel! IT will definitely be the most fancy beautiful chapel here in small town of Óbidos (population 40 thousand) from all other churches! I really do hope I can stay here when they start using the chapel!! :)

But all is well!! I am starting to lose more weight now and I getting excited for the skype call to my family (if I can find a place to skype with decent internet) But I know it will happen :P I am grateful for all the blessings that I have in my life!! I am grateful for my family and friends! I know that this is the work of the LORD!!! I am grateful for the chance I am here in Óbidos serving a full time mission!!! 

I wish y'all a GREAT and safe week!! Continue doing what's right and remember to always pray, read the scriptures, and smile!! 

Com Amor,
Elder McCrea

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mitchell, week 69, Obidos

HEYY!!! so transfers was this past week and I am staying here in Óbidos with Elder Machado! WE had 2 baptisms this past week (Carolaine and Naiara) the baptism took place at a igarapé (I don't know what you call it in English) But it went so great!! And is everything works out this week we could have 4 more baptisms! :)) I am sure grateful for this chance I am here on a mission! I apologize I am not writing you guys as much... plus not sending photos.... its a little hard with the computers here. I really don't wanna loose the photos that I have and it takes a while to download them on the email. 

But this past week I had to buy some things at the pharmacy. I had a problem with my foot. So I bought some medicine for my foot (problem was taken care of) also I bought some solution for my contacts. But mom and dad I am doing so much better now!! You guys can't believe it as well..... On Monday a miracle happened. So there is a (less active) member that works at the new lds chapel that is being built in the city. He tells me that he has a pair of shoes that will fit me. I said okay and I thought to my self that he doesn't really know how big my feet are or how small the shoes would be on me. So that night we passed by his house and he gives me a pair of shoes that is the same brand and size as what I was wearing that night. The brand "missionary shoes" its CRAZY!!!!! It was brand new and he has never used it! Its crazy!! He told us that he has had it over 3 years now. The reason he gave it to me, was because it doesn't even fit him one bit.  But its in perfect condition. and I thanked him SO MUCH!!!! So now I am all set for the rest of my mission. I am using them right now! :)) I still haven't gotten the package that y'all sent. But today or tomorrow the LZs will be heading to Belém and we (Óbidos) will be heading to the city of the LZ (Santarém) on Wednesday night. So the LZ´s will bring us all the boxes and cards that are in the mission office there in Belém. So if the package has arrived I should be getting the envelope that y'all sent this week! :)) WHOOPIE!!! 

But talking about having to travel to Santarém. I would like to buy some ties (To give to the young men that I baptized here in Óbidos) and print the photos of our recent baptisms that have happened to give them and the family the photos of the baptism. 

But Mom and Dad I am doing so great! I am grateful for the chance I am here on a mission! Its crazy soon will be natal (skype chat) and soon after I will be going home! but I sure do love this gospel! I know it is true!! I hope all is well there with mom and Mariah there in home and dad working. Or how is it right now with Mariah home? Please write me mom and Mariah... I wanna know how y'all are doing

Your eternal Son,
Elder McCrea

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mitchell, week 64, Óbidos

Olá FAMÍLIA!!!! :)

First off, I am doing horrible at writing my weekly emails to y'all. Sorry! I hope y'all are doing great and enjoyed general conference (hahah I still haven't seen it yet) :/ because where I am at, we have to wait until the stake sends us a recording, where we can see it. So JOYFULLY this week on saturday/sundaywe will finally watch it!! :)) WHOOPIEEEE 

But yea tons of stuff happened since my last email.  My last companion Elder Laurentina got transferred during the mini transfer (like 2 weeks ago) and my new companion is Elder Machado, from Rio grande do Sul (WAYYYYY SOUTHH!!!!!) But he is a great guy, I love him! Has only been like 5 months on a mission! And this last week we ended the transfer and we both will be staying and the other 2 elders that are here are leaving. 

Also last week we had a baptism of a young man named Abinohan. He has 14 years old and yesterday was a GREAT day! He was confirmed a member then received the sacerdocio of Aaronic and also got called as the teacher's president on the same day! WHOOPIE!!! The kid is a BOSS!!!! Both Elder Machado and I are so happy with his progress! 

 This week will be a great one because we will have a Mission Tour with a seventy, whose in charge of Brasil. So I hope that I can learn some great things with our Zone in Santarém. It will be awesome because we will go there and return by boat. WHOOP!! :) AMAZON!!!

I am sorry.... I running out of time. It's crazy how fast time flies as I am writing my emails! But I am doing great! I am so grateful that I decided to serve a mission!! I love the people here in Brasil! I know soon I will be home, but I really hope that it doesn't go by too fast!  I will keep working hard and loving the people that are here in Óbidos! 

Have a SPLENDID week and remember that your Heavenly Father loves you! 

Elder McCrea

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mitchell, week 61, Óbidos ,

It's been a long time!

first I am sorry I haven't written an email in a long time. I am not sure when was the last time I wrote an email to everyone. I am gonna just write and sorry if there are errors and all. but I got transferred less then 3 weeks ago to a city called Óbidos. It's is a ward and is really in Timbuktu. I got here by a speed boat that took like 3.5 hours, but if I would use a slower boat it would take like 7-8 hrs. But really it's great here! My companion is Elder Laurentina from São Paulo. Another Paulista! ;P But he's a great guy! He has been here for like more than 3 months and in this zone for like more than 9 months or something. But it's great here!! The ward is using a small house for now. But guess what???? In January or February the chapel that they are building INCREDIBLY fast will be done by December for sure and we can use the chapel. The town only has like 40 thousand so like EVERYONE talks about the new chapel! It really will be the most beautiful looking church in this city for sure!!! :P I am excited to see what more miracles will happen. But really its crazy how fast time is flying!!!! WE have done so much through the week and its just crazy!! I hit like my 14 month mark last week also! But yea I am pretty excited for this next week as well. We will be heading to Santarém to go to the zone meeting and it will be the regular slow boat, so it will pretty sweet to sleep on a hammock and be in the middle of the Amazon on a flipping boat! :D HECK YEA!!!! 

Sorry everyone that I haven't written lately..... it doesn't really help as well that the internet is HORRIBLY SLOW!!!!!! So it takes years to open a site and write something. But I really love it here! I am doing great!! It crazy here also there are tons of hills. It's like the only city here in this state that actually has hills. IT'S PRETTY CRAZY!!!! But I am pretty excited for this next week! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! :) I am not sure how it will work here in Óbidos. I think we will receive a recording and see it the week after. But also this next Saturday/Sunday is the presidential/state election. So it's getting pretty crazy down here. But yea I am grateful for the mission presidente to trust me to put me in this area and I hope my companion and the other 2 elders here, can find people to teach and continue seeing miracle day to day!
I sure do love this gospel I know that families can be sealed together! I am grateful that we have temples here on earth! I know something that I will do right when I get back home will go through the temple. But I hope soon the members here in Pará will have a temple to frequent. But I really I love my family so much. I am grateful for my sister who is serving in Ukraine. I love her dearly! Plus I am eternally grateful for my parents for raising me in this gospel!
I wish y'all a great and happy week and until next Monday!
Até Logo (See you later)
Élder McCrea 

p.s. I am sorry I am not sending any pictures in my emails.... (it's really hard with the slow internet and the computers filled with viruses.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mariah, week 61, Zaporozhye

my new companion is Sister Blake. she's from a small town in Utah and she has 7 brothers. she's the only girl.

we're so cool :3

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mitchell, week 52, Tapana

This past week has been filled with some GREAT miracles!! 1st thing is found some great investigators!! One of them works in the morning during Sunday so we helped her and her cousin make it to another ward that is in another part of the city. But they liked the service a lot and this past Sunday we had like 7 investigators at church total! Plus we had  2 less active families that we are working to come back to church. But I am really having a great time serving the people here in Tapanã! You wanna know what is CRAZY?????? In 3 days I will hit my 1 year mark on a mission! So that means that I only have like 1 year more here in Brasil. WOW! Time is flying!! But I can't believe that how fast time is flying. In no time I will be in a airplane heading to the USA. But I know it is time to continue working and loving the people here in Brasil and in all the other areas that I will serve. But I sure am grateful for the time I am here in a mission and teach people about this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. This past week had our zone meeting and it went great! The practices that happened went swell! 

But really nothing big, big happened. Just that we are finding and helping people in our areas. Sadly like the past weeks people keep breaking into our chapel. But I really don't know what they wanna steal.... last time they just stole a lamp that goes on if the electricity goes off.... But also our chapel has a alarm system. It's sad people would do this to a chapel.

But really here in Brasil the chapels don't have anything really expensive and if it's expensive, they put it in the secretary's office. which has like a 4 inch door with metal pins that lock it in. But the chapels are way different than ones there in the states (for the ones that didn't know.....)

So this past week tons of people already forgot about the world cup. Some people are really upset and they are taking down all the banners and stuff. But here is a painting that someone did on a wall. I thought that it was pretty cool looking.Gosh there is so much Para (State that I am serving) things in the photo. :P

Sorry that this letter doesn't have that much of information or nothing of interest. HAHA! But really the days are going by so fast and the weeks are going by days for me! TIME IS JUST FLYING!!!!! 

But I would like to end with my testimony that I know that the things that I teach is true and I know that our savior Jesus Christ lives and he died for all of our sins! I really love my family!!

Until next week, (which for me would feel like tomorrow) 

Elder McCrea

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mitchell, week 49, Tapana


HOLY COW!!! 7 to 1 Brasil lost against Germany in the semi-finals plus lost against Netherlands for the 3rd spot HERE IN BRASIL!! It was crazy when Brasil lost 7 to 1. Our president let the missionaries watch the game against Germany. That was probably the worst game to watch if we had the choice to watch. GOSH, Germany made like 4 goals in less then 6 minutes. HAHAHA!!! We watched it at the neighbors. They put their TV outside on the balcony and we just sat outside as they were watching the game. But, wow, after the game and the day after I didn't even see one person with a BRASIL shirt or jersey. It was CRAZY!!! Everyone was sad/mad/depressed and just didn't know what to do. Plus Argentina won against Netherlands and then if Argentina won the game yesterday (finals) and won the World Cup here in Brasil they would be even upset and Argentinians would shove it in the Brasilians faces and all! It would have gotten CRAZY!!! But Germany won the game yesterday, so they won the world cup!! But WOW, like what I have been saying in the past emails, the World Cup and Soccer in general is HUGE here in Brasil!!!! But I am kind of glad it's all over now!! Now we can start working everyday and not have people watching the games and all. :P

So this past week was Zone Conference with President/Sister Scisci and with 2 other zones. But gosh it was great seeing other elders/sisters in other zones!! But definitely learned some great stuff! Also had some great activities. But I learned something that it's important to not worry, but to just go and work!!.... (só vai, get-r-done, just do it) But also this past week we found 2 GREAT families! Sadly, they couldn't make it to church yesterday but we will keep working on them! I also learned at the conference that it's important to keep working and loving your investigators even if they aren't progressing. and just have more of a Christ-like love for everyone that I meet. 

This past week we also cleaned our apartment like a BOSS! Gosh, it's a huge apartment just for 4 missionaries but we cleaned it for like 6 hours because we really would want to feel the spirit more and have more happiness and all the good stuff that happens when your surroundings are clean and all. it looks great now! Now it's important to keep it this way :D 

But really I am grateful for this gospel! I KNOW that what my sister wrote is so true!! "With great power comes great responsibility." (Uncle of Peter Parker - Spiderman) This chance that I have to represent the Church of Jesus Christ and see people change their lives to receive the blessings that are in store and waiting for them! I really love this "Job" I know that there is no other church that has 85 thousand (young adults) missionaries world wide serving a mission for 18/24 months leaving work, family, school, friends, hobbies, etc. I know that this is The CHURCH of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos Dos Útimos Dias, is Christ's church RESTORED in these latter days. I am so grateful I have this gospel in my life and I know it is true because I asked our Father that is in Heaven (James 1:5). 

I hope everyone is having a Só Filé (Just Fillet... A saying here which means everything is going great) day/week! I sure love you all and until next week!! 

Elder McCrea

Mariah, Week 59, Poltava

#that moment when your mission president knows that your mom keeps a blog for your missionary adventures  

                                                                                                                                                  Jul 14                                                                                                                                                                           
Well. Today is the start of week five of my eighth transfer. To be honest -- that's dis-gusting! WHERE HAS ALL THE TIME GONE?!! I've literally only got three more transfers left. And okay, nope. Nope. Totally not going to be talking about that anymore. Topic change.

So, my week. Thanks to Elder Fuller's inspired direction as our district leader, we've been doing a lot of member work during the last few weeks. Something finally clicked in his/our brains after reading Chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel, that maybe, just maybe -- working with the members a little more than we had been doing in the past is the key to being able to strengthen our relationship with members and building up their trust in us (keyword: trust!), help teach members how to do missionary work, and to be able to have members entrust us with their precious friends and family members who are open to hearing our message! That's our end goal. We're two weeks into this goal, and so far... no immediate fruits of our labor yet. We actually hit a wall. But something that Elder Fuller shared with us yesterday in a quick, impromptu district meeting, hit me. He shared a verse in Jacob.

And we did magnify our office unto the Lord, taking upon us the responsibility, answering the sins of the people upon our own heads if we did not teach them the word of God with all diligence; wherefore, by laboring with our might their blood might not come upon our garments; otherwise their blood would come upon our garments, and we would not be found spotless at the last day. -- Jacob 1:19

As a missionary, there is a responsibility that comes with wearing a black name tag with Christ's name on it 24/7 for 18 to 24 months. I have this quote written in my Preach My Gospel -- "With great power comes great responsibility." (quoted from Peter Parker's uncle. And if you don't know who Peter Parker is... Google it.) Every person that we walk by on the street, be it if we talk to them or not, or every investigator that we have. As a representative of the Lord in Poltava, Ukraine, I have a sacred duty to teach the people of Poltava the word of God. I took up the responsibility to answer for the sins of the people here, and help them correct the traditions of their fathers. The Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox Church is so strongly deeply rooted in the people and culture here. As the Lord's missionaries in Ukraine, we're having to push and fight against hundreds of -- if not thousands -- of year old traditions and rituals. Satan is real, and his power is real. He's has done a wicked job at twisting sweet, simple doctrine of the Lord's gospel and using it to lead away innocent people from the truth.

But I have a testimony that this is the Lord's only and true church. Through a modern-day prophet, He has restored all of the truths and principles that we need to have in this later day to live and be able to return to live with Heavenly Father in heaven. And I know that the Book of Mormon is evidence of this restoration.

The book is blue and the church is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister McCrea

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mitchell, week 48, Tapana


Alright..... So y'all are gonna have to bear with me for about 2 more weeks without photos. (My SD card that I have still works and has photos but its a pain to put it back in if I take it out.) But I can't believe in like 2 weeks I will hit my 1 year mark!!! CRAZY!!!!!!! But all is good here. Brasil won the last game with Columbia. So tomorrow Brasil is playing against Germany. Also our Mission president will let us see the game tomorrow!! :D Plus Wednesday we have a the Zone Conference with all the missionaries here in Belém. So it all should be good this next week!! It kinda stinks this past week here in Para it's time off of school and all. So a lot of people here left to visit other families members in other cities and all. So it's kinda hard, but things are working out. Mom and Dad I got 2 cards from yall this past week! THANKS!!!! :D 

Gosh it kinda stinks! So there is an other American that lives in the same apt. He found out this past week when he will be going home. So he keeps talking what he will do and all! Its great and all! But gosh it gets me a little trunky!! But Elder Costa and I are doing great!! He is such a great companion and really he is helping with the conjugation of verbs and all. So like every Saturday for like the past 2 months I am teaching an English class. Not sure why, but not a lot of people from the neighborhood come but we have some regulars. But gosh its funny I am starting to forget english grammar and phrases and all. Gosh, it's pretty funny, because I have to ask Elder Costa if I am right on some things and he isn't even from the USA (He's from Portugal). But I am sorry that my emails/letters arent the best with english grammar. Sorry! I cant wait to see how it will be when I get back home. :P

But nothing really hasn't happened big. I think what I am gonna start doing is write the main points during the week so on Monday I can have something to talk about. But I think I am missing something but right now I think that's about it. The weeks are just going by faster and faster and soon, I know, my 2 years will be all up and that's it. But I hope I doing my best and always loving everyone that I meet. I sure love this gospel and I know that my family are sealed for eternity! I know that this Gospel blesses lives for eternity and I am really eternally grateful for my parents who sacrificed everything for me and my sister. I love this Gospel and I know my Savior died for my sins so I can return to him one day. I hope everyone is having a great day and I hope your week will be AWESOME and filled with tons of miracles! 

Love you all,
Elder McCrea

p.s. LETTERS PLEASE? I promise I will write back! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mitchell, week 47, Tapana

The Cabanagem Zone.
A cool looking bridge/river that we found as we were walking with the other elders after lunch.

Pictures Galore

A cool looking bridge/river that we found as we were walking with the other elders after lunch.


Ahh its good!! :D

Cacau the fruit!
A ward activity that we had one night. 


                                                        A  butterfly and grasshopper that I found 

A little street that is cover with the banners. (I will take more pictures soon about the streets and all) People are still putting stuff up and all

A bird that was just on the road one day    
A less active member that we are visiting her chickens sleep in flipping trees!! :O

Mariah, week 52, Poltava

Hedgehogs, adventures to the сило, and 101 investigators.

Hello world. I'm not dead! Promise! Oh man, this past week has been crazy. It's felt like I've been on two totally different sides of my physical and emotion spectrum as a missionary. Oh, the life of a missionary. Как жизин у меня есть. (What a life I have.)

So pretty much a bajillion and five things happened to Sister Patterson and I this week. Which in a quick summary, included eating fancy at a fancy~ish restaurant, petting a wild hedgehog that a drunk man caught in a park (apparently hedgehogs are native to Ukraine?). I FINALLY learned how to read Ukrainian (there are a few letters that sound different in Ukrainian compared to Russian). Zone Conference happened last Monday, hence why our P-day was on last Saturday... which, to be honest, kind of threw off the rhythm of our week... but Zone Conference was good. It had a really big focus on contacting and finding families... which is my mission's new focus. We don't go out to contact anymore. We go out to teach street lessons and find families to meet with. So far this focus has treated our area very well because we've found five new ladies to teach this week... Granted, we haven't been able to meet their families yet -- but only time will tell!!

Um what else... On Friday, Sister Patterson and I spent the early afternoon in the сило (you say it like Cee Lo Green -- except without the Green) which means "village"... and boy are there ever villages in Ukraine. Villages are where almost everyone and their dog goes out to during the weekend to take care of their доча -- their country house -- where they grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits and just to be frank, being out on the village is like living out on the farm. It's too cool out there. N'waay so we went to one of the villages outside of Poltava to visit the branch president and his wife. I think it's pretty safe to say that they were one of the first members of the church here in Poltava. They became members 15+ years ago. Сестра H. is the branch's historian and has the whole history of the Poltava branch -- every single baptism, almost every single anything that has happened in Poltava, she has pictures of it. It was so cool to flip through the three thick binders of the history of the church in Poltava. They were such good hosts. They fed us feast of samples of delicious Ukrainian food... and afterwards, Сестра H. took us around their farm and gave us all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables! 

Fresh carrots and onions! Score!

Seriously though!! Fresh fruit and vegetables is something that I'm seriously going to miss about Ukraine. At this time of the year in June, there are people lining the sidewalks selling their goods -- fresh cherries, berries, onions, dill weed, cucumbers, and x-number of other kinds of veggies and stuff. And it's dirt-cheap compared to how much someone would pay for fresh produce back home. Fresh strawberries grown without pesticides for 14 грн (about $1.25) for a kilo? Deal!

Sorry, America -- but Ukraine wins this one.

And I dunno what else that Ukraine has brought to Sister Patterson and I this week. Plenty of things, I'm sure... but my time's almost up. So... testimony time! I know my Savior lives and I feel His love for me everyday. Everyday that I'm here in Ukraine, I'm slowly starting to come to recognize how this is His work -- not my work. I am just an instrument in His hands. And the church is true and the book that I am here to give a chance for everyone here in Poltava to read is awesome. If you don't have a copy of the Book of Mormon... let me know and I will do what I can to make sure that you have your own copy and you can read and know for yourself what I'm talking about.

And that is all. TTFN

Sister McCrea

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mitchell, week 45, Tapana


GOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!! Its getting crazy! The world cup is definitely hug here in Brasil, compared there in the States! But Brasil beat Croácia this past week. We stayed in out our apt the whole day after lunch that day becuase it gets pretty crazy here during and after the games! I definitely knew when Brasil scored and won and all because we can hear everyone screaming and the fireworks and all going off. But THE USA PLAYS TODAY!! GO USA! :P But also these past days had been rough.... My companion was on his last drops of energy but he died and past over to the regular life today. He will be home tomorrow. But here is a picture of him and I.... 

So Elder Rodrigues finished his mission and I am staying that means a new COMPANION!!! And he is..... ELDER COSTA! His from Portugal! ITS GONNA BE GREAT! I actually knew him right when I got to Brasil back in September he also arrived with us, but he is great! He is a big fella as well, but its gonna be great serving with him! He arrives from Santarém tomorrow morning. (the last I heard he was serving in my 1st area of Tapajós in Santarém) 

But the weeks are going by faster and faster!!  Next week I hit 11th month anniversary on a mission. (My sister hits her 1 year mark in 3 days :O ) Then in July I hit my 1 year mark also. But its sure going by fast, the mission! I am sure grateful for the chance I have to be serving and helping people here in Brasil. I love this Gospel and I know that it blesses families! I know that this work is the Lord's work and all that we do is with Authority of God. We don't brain wash people to believe in what we say.... we teach what we know and we ask them to simply say a prayer asking God to see if we teach is true. I know that I don't know everything but I don't have a doubt in what I teach everyday is true. I know that Joseph Smith restored the same gospel that was taught when Christ was here. on earth.. What does it mean to restore.... 


: to give back (someone or something that was lost or taken) : to return (someone or something)
: to put or bring (something) back into existence or use
: to return (something) to an earlier or original condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc.

So Joseph Smith didn't make or create a new church. He restored the exact church that was established when Jesus Christ was here on Earth. How did Chirst established and organize his church with 3 things... Ephesians 2:20 

"And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;"

So this is how Chirst organized his church and this is how Jospeh Smith restored it. And today we have a living prophet and 12 Apostles. And they have the same Authority that the origanal prophets and apostles had and they are called by God. I know this is true and I have no dought in my heart it is false. And if you wanna know  for yourself just pray and ask God.

But I love my family so much and I know that we are sealed for all time and eternity! I know that what I do is helping people/families out for eternity! 

I hope all y'all have a splendid and safe week and continue counting your blessings! 

Love always,
Elder McCrea

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mitchell, week 43, Tapana

Alright.... I don't have much time as always.... But I am doing GREAT!!! Sorry some words are stuck together. This space bar doesn't work that great. But wow I am doing great! I am seeing tons of miracles in my life! I learning so much!! Not sure if y'all know but my companion is as old as you can get here on the mission! He hit his 2 year mark 2 days ago. He wanted to stay one more transfer before going back home. He is "dying" but still working. We have a lot of words we say on a mission. like dying, killing, son/daughter (when you train a new missionary), father/Mother (the missionary that trained you) I will also get the privilege to "kill" Elder Rodrigues. Hahah So as of right now I have "killed" Elder Hoch and now Elder Rodrigues. But we are working great!! He is definitely helping me with Portuguese!

But here are a few things that's happened lately..... 

FABIO BAPTISM!!! Gosh he is such a great STUD! I can see him serve a mission later when he hits 18 or so. But that's his mom! Gosh his family is GREAT! I love them!! Hopefully the rest of the family will follow his example and our Savior to enter the covenant of Baptism. :D But that night was also the ward activity of TACACÀ!!! IT IS SOOO GOOD! I really don't even know how to explain how they made it or what it tastes like! But its SOOOOO GOOD! You eat the shrimp and bamboo and then drink the liquid! GOSH I LOVE BRASIL AND PARÀ!!!! 

One of the new members in our ward has a rain forest looking back yard. GOSH ITS AWESOME!!!! Their house is made all of wood and is on stilts. Alright so the first time in my mission I broke a bridge that some of the streets have. I haven't gained weight...  (I have lost like 2 more kilos here in this area) I just wasn't thinking when I walked over the weak part of the bridge. HAHAH IT was hilarious. Plus it's even more hilarious that they told me that many of the American missionaries have broken parts of this bridge. LOL! But yea I am officially in the rain forest now! Raining every day as normal and gets pretty hot as well too..... Also soon its Açai season! :D And the tall skinny trees that are shown below are açai tress!! :D In June/July is when they climb the trees and cut off the açai! They told us that when the season comes we can come over and drink some AÇAI!!! HECK YEAAAA!!!!!
I am running out of time as usual. But I know that this gospel is true and blesses families for eternity! I know that I have been called by God to serve here because there are people waiting to be blessed by the message that I share with my companions. I sure do love my family so much and I know they are receiving blessings while my sister is in Ukraine and I am in Brasil serving a mission! I know that this church is the Church of Jesus Christ restored with the same organisation of a Prophet and 12 Apóstles and that Jesus Christ is the headstone of this church (Ephesians 2:20). I hope y'all are having a great day today and a UTIMO (awesome) week this week. E Até MAIS! (and until next time)
-Elder McCrea

p.s.- YOU!! Yea you.... if your reading this can you please send me a card or something. I promise that if you write me a card that once I get it I will respond back to ya. (Something to keep in mind that, I am on the amazon.... So if I take long to respond its either I haven't gotten your card or your card is on the way) But It really does mean the world to me if when I get letters!!!! Thanks to y'all that have sent a letter to me! Love ya! 

Mariah, week 48, Poltava

I have 101 stories to tell this week and only 30 minutes to tell them.

Okay so ready... GO!

Monday, after internet and shopping for food necessities, Sister Patterson and I met with our favorite member of the Poltava branch and ate at McDonalds! (Yes -- they have McDonalds in Ukraine.) It was my... 3rd time? maybe? eating at a Ukrainian-ized Micky-D's. Just so you know, it's waaaay different than a McDonald's in America. Everything is Ukrainian-ized English -- which means that everything on the menu is spelt in Ukrainian, but if you sound it out, you say something that sounds close to "chicken nuggets" or "McShake". It's sooo funny! I didn't get a burger... but I just couldn't leave without having a good, classic American chocolate shake and fries. 

Fun fact: Ukrainians don't like sweet and salty things together. The member who went with us to McDonalds made a face as Sister Patterson and I were both enjoying dipping fries into our shakes and eating them. We actually got her to try it herself, but she wasn't a fan. Oh well... she'll be converted someday!

This week was also a legendary moment in the history of the Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine mission. For the first time ever, President van Bruggen and Sister van Bruggen (my mission president and his wife) hosted the first ever Sister Missionary Conference! It was so fun to meet all the sister missionaries again, sisters that I hadn't seen for a while (LIKE SISTER SUMMERS WHO WAS IN THE MTC WITH ME AND I HADN'T SEEN FOR PRETTY MUCH OUR ENTIRE MISSION!) and new sisters who I hadn't gotten a chance to meet yet. 

The meeting though was so good! It was a solid 6+ hours of spiritual learning conversation with President and Sister van Bruggen, Elder Lichtenburg and Elder Krook (the APs) and all 19 sister missionaries of the mission. 

-- Sister Patterson, Sister Summers, Sister Meyers, me, Sister Garff -- we were all in the MTC together! -- and Sister Merishinchenko (who just wanted to be in the picture with us haha)
And that's pretty much all the time I have for this week. Just know that this next week is going to be crazy because Sister Patterson is off in Estonia on her visa renewal trip... which means that I'm with a different sister -- Sister Frank. And since her companion, Sister Esplin, is also off on her visa trip, we're going to be taking care of both of our areas -- which just so happen to be 4 or so hours apart from one another. Yup, so half of our week will be spent in Dneper Left Bank and the other half will be in lovely Poltava. So stay tuned for the adventures that will happen to us this next week!

And okay I literally have <2 minutes left. So enjoy this verse that I liked this week from Alma 5:7.
Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God. Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word; yea, they were encircled about by the bands of death, and the chains of hell, and an ever lasting destruction did await them.
Sister McCrea

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mitchell, week 42, Tapana

- The army was doing practices in the city of Marabá for 1 month before they head to Haiti. So many times during the day we saw them walking through the city with their practice guns and doing practices. 

- With their zone leaders we helped out big bom, a member that has a family restaurant. helped them clean some tables and chairs. 

- Family of Aradenie. WE dumped out their coffee when we taught them word of wisdom. She and the family drinks TONS of coffee before. But now they are doing so GREAT! The middle daughter got baptized last Saturday from what I heard from the elders there in Marabá.

 The service we did at the house of Aradenie.

the service we did. The front of her house

Post pictures of Aradenie house

Elder Cruz (leader of zone) 'a little mad.'

The shell and the nuts inside a casing know as the cashew of Pará. The state I am in right now

a member in Marabá - Crisline. She is preparing for a mission

Fabio/Celia. A awesome family!

Herbe - a member that is great! Preparing for a mission!!


Crisline and her mom

Aradenie and her 2 daughters and Julie (niece.)