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Monday, May 4, 2015

Mitchell, week 91, Belem


Hey... sorry this weekly email will be a quick one..... I don't have much time. and I have to go Peeeeeee (They don't have a restroom nearby :P) hahaha but yea it stinked because we wasted like all of our morning waiting for our new washing machine. We have been without a washing machine for a month now, but the new one arrived today! But don't worry mom... my clothes don't smell that bad :P HAHAH!!! I am a pro at washing by hand this is the 2nd time in my mission that I was without a washing machine! :P #DA.MISH.LIFE :))

But yea this past week was actually great!! We helped out tons of people and this next week we will need to work even harder!! But yea church went great yesterday!! Had all of our recent converts at church and Carlos (Who got baptised less than 2 weeks ago) received the priesthood (priest) but that was awesome!! But yea he is doing so much better! Isadora will give a part of the lesson for the gospel principles. But yea we are really happy for the improvement that they have done! It also isn't raining as much, but still flooding in some areas.....

but yea I am excited for this next week..... its transfers and also on sunday i get to talk to y'all!!! whoopie! Ohh and I  got asked yesterday to give a talk next Sunday as well!!! I am pumped for that!!

I know that the work I am doing, is of the Lord! I love my companion and I love y'all!! Thanks for everything y'all are doing and I wish y'all a great week and a week full of happiness and miracles! 

Com amor e abraço,
Elder McCrea

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mitchell, week 89, Belém

Rain, rain, chuva, rain, lluvia, chuva, rain, chuva, дождь, and.....


This past week we got some rain! So here in Belém it usually rains like every day! (Normal) but the area that we work one of the neighborhood named Terra Firme FLOODS a lot and fast! So when it rains hard and fast the roads floods for like hours. It gets annoying because whether we are stuck in the neighborhood trying to go back home or visit the other neighborhoods or we get to our appointments in "TF" all soaked and late. But today I will make a great decision.... I will buy a umbrella! :P But yea the weeks are going by fast!!! This week I will make 1 year and 9 months on a mission!! CRAZY!!!!!!!!! But my son is doing great! This transfer will pass by fast (only 5 weeks- ends after mother's day) and then thats it! My son (Elder P. Silva.... the new missionary that I am training for 3 months) will end his training! :O but yea all is going good!!!! Just getting tons of rain lately and tons of flooding! But other than that we are doing great!! We have 1 baptism planned.... and the other elders in my district have another one as well! But yea all is good!! 

This past week I had a training meeting with all the DL/ZL in the zones in the capital Belém. and guess who I saw for the 1st time in like 1 year and 7 months here in Brasil. ELDER GALE (My MTC companion) and Elder Blackner (MTC district) I haven't seen them for that long because I have served a lot of my mission in zones a long way from the capital and the time I served in Belém they were transferred to zones far away. But WOW that was so weird seeing them and all!!!!!! But the training went great!!!! I learned tons of great stuff!

But yea my health is great!! My companion and I are excited for this next week!! I am grateful for all of my blessings and I know that Heavenly Father loves each and EVERY one of us! And he is ALWAYS listening to our prayers and wants the best for us! I know that Jesus Christ died for our sins and I am so thankful for the chance I have to repent and be clean of my errors I make every day! I love my job and I love my family and I know that families can and will live together forever!!! 

I hope y'all have a great week full of miracles and remember that it's easy to do a good turn daily and even to share the gospel!! Abraço e até aproximo semana...

Com amor,
Elder McCrea  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mitchell, week 87, Belém

Another week passes by!

hey.. just a short email again!! this week was good! I am definitely excited for this next week though! why.... because we are finding great people every day!! but yea.... we are excited what will go down this week!

Crazy we are still in the winter season and it rains cows and elephants down here!!!! there is one neighborhood that we work a lot and when it rains everything gets flooded! it sucky because it makes it hard to get to our appointments and all. but yea last week was transfers and i am staying with my son! this transfer will be 5 weeks and one week just passed by but this next month we need to work hard with his training and all so he is all ready at the end of this transfer! but yeaa he learns fast and all he will be a great missionary!! A missionary that jokes a lot and is always in a good mood! My district is doing great!

but yea.... y'all got my box!! GREAT! :) ITS BULLET PROOF right?? :P did it get opened at all? (send me a picture) I want to see if I can send one more box to y'all here in 2-3 weeks or soo...... but yea that's great that y'all received it. if y'all can wait until I talk to y'all in maio and i will tell y'all what stuff is y'alls and all. :) But mom how is the box going?? Did you understand everything to put in the box?

how is work going mom? :P Liking it? :)) and Mariah and pops.... how's the windmills going?? I sure do love y'all so much! Thanks for everything! I wish y'all a happy week full of miracles and all! 

Lembra que Jesus te ama!! :))

Com amor,
Elder McCrea

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mitchell, week 86, Belém


Hey, so I am alive!!! :) Sorry I haven't written a weekly letter to everyone in awhile..... but HAPPY FLIPPIN BIRTHDAY SISTER!!! ((: Gosh I forgot to send you something last week!!!! LOVE YA!!!! 

Gosh today was crazy!! We had a p-day with our zone (accomplished our goal for baptisms) we watched despicable me 2 (FUNNY!!!) :D And we also played basketballlllll :))) Gosh it's been awhile but I dominated 80% down low :P But that was fun and we also order habib's (Small pizzas) that was good!!! But overall the sun didn't come out and we had fun with our zone!! The month was full of baptisms and now we have to work again for the month of April.... the first 2 weeks will be a little rough because this next week is general conference and next week is stake conference!! CRAZY! but all is good!! We are working with a couple of people and this week we need to find new investigators. But my district is doing good!!
So this past week we had a baptism of a woman (young woman) named Isadora!! She is 23 years old and has a law degree (Very smart) but she has had been going to church for a long time and always has these good questions and all. but this past 2 weeks we have been working with her to pray and read the BOM/Bíblia to help her receive a response before the 28th of março and this past week she received a response!!!! :))) So that was a awesome baptism!!! :D Crazy though, on the day of the baptism our chapel ran out of water and we couldn't do the baptism in our chapel so everyone got into one car and rest went by bus. but we went to another chapel and the baptism went great!! I also made a cake for her baptism!! The cake actually turned out pretty good!!! :D (Talking about cakes.... this week we will have a ward activity "Manly cakes" where the men have to make the cakes and the women have to try it and all.... (judge) So I will make a cake that I made in óbidos that actually turned out pretty yummy!!! :D) But yea...... the baptism went great and yesterday her mom showed up when she received the Holy Ghost! \That was also very good!!!
But, this week will work with Carlos/Carla. They are brothers and sisters and they both have been learning and changing their lives for the better!!! Carlos has a rough problem with smoking.... so will visit them with our bishop (Who had a huge problem before he got baptised) So I think that will help him out a lot!!! But we will work with them both this week and see if we can help them enter the waters this week or next.... the small problem will also be that this week is General conference (GC!!! I haven't seen it since apr. 2014.... the last time in Oct. the area (Óbidos) didn't have satellite..... SO I AM SOOO EXCITEDDDD) But yea after this week we will have our stake conference next week!!! So it will be really crazy like 2 weeks without receiving the Holy Ghost.... but will talk with our bishop and all about that stuff. But yea we are excited for them both!!!
But yea I am doing great!!! This week is easter week and the church have a new website for Easter ( it's the good stuff!! (SEND IT TO EVERYONE AND THEIR DOGS) Now we will have a awesome tool to do a lot of contacts and help people know about our Savior and all!!!!! :D Heck yea!!!!!!! But yea I know that He lives and I know that He did everything FOR US because -HE LOVES US- and I know that!!! I am grateful for everything! I sure do love yall so much!!! thanks again for everything!!!! I will y'all a happy Easter and week full of moments happy and full of miracles!! ABRAÇO e até logo!!!
Com amor,
Elder McCrea

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mitchell, week 82, Belém


THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY!!!! Well I am right now in the middle of Belém and I have a son!! I am training Elder P. SILVA! He is from Curitiba, Brasil! Such a great guy! HAHA such a greenie missionary..... excited and lost at the same time! HAHAH But its crazy because I am also lost.... we both opened a area called Canudos 2. Which means straws. But the area is right in the center of Belém! It's crazy that I am in the capital right now.... itS CRAZY and strange that I am back in the capital! I am sad because I got transferred and had to leave Óbidos!! I will miss the new chapel dedication and as well the weddings of the families!! But that's the mission life! But yea Elder P. Silva is a great elder! He learns really fast and has a big desire to help others!! But yea we are learning the area together and having fun!

Also this past week it was crazy because my boat broke down heading to Santarém and I missed my flight to Belém so I got to Santarém real late and had to stay in Sanatarém for days..... but yea I arrived in Belém midnight on Friday. Which was crazy because we only had like 3 days to work together but yea we both are really excited. Sadly the elders that were here before us really didn't leave anyone with baptism date so we are working from scratch!!! But yea all is good!! This past week was also a conference with Elder Cook with the mission. Sadly the day that I lost my flight and I had to stay in Santarém the signal wasn't the best and we couldn't hear everything.but also Elder Cook chose to have a stake conference with the stake that I am serving right now! So we got to see him yesterday! We had 2 investigators there as well and they really liked it! Gosh I felt the spirit SO STRONG!!!!! It hit me when Elder Cook was baring his testimony and he said.... "I know the Savior's voice and I know that he lives..." Gosh when he said that I was like THE CHURCH IS EVEN MORE TRUE!!!!! Gosh I felt the spirit so strong!!! But yea..... this past week was crazy!!!! 

Right now we both are working really hard to get to know the area and also the members and all.But yea I know that this church is true and that Our Savior Jesus Christ is in charge of this work and he talks with our beloved Prophet and Apostolos. I love my Family and I love my mission!! I can't believe that here in 4 months or so I will be going home CRAZY!!!!


Élder McCrea