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Monday, March 30, 2015

Mitchell, week 86, Belém


Hey, so I am alive!!! :) Sorry I haven't written a weekly letter to everyone in awhile..... but HAPPY FLIPPIN BIRTHDAY SISTER!!! ((: Gosh I forgot to send you something last week!!!! LOVE YA!!!! 

Gosh today was crazy!! We had a p-day with our zone (accomplished our goal for baptisms) we watched despicable me 2 (FUNNY!!!) :D And we also played basketballlllll :))) Gosh it's been awhile but I dominated 80% down low :P But that was fun and we also order habib's (Small pizzas) that was good!!! But overall the sun didn't come out and we had fun with our zone!! The month was full of baptisms and now we have to work again for the month of April.... the first 2 weeks will be a little rough because this next week is general conference and next week is stake conference!! CRAZY! but all is good!! We are working with a couple of people and this week we need to find new investigators. But my district is doing good!!
So this past week we had a baptism of a woman (young woman) named Isadora!! She is 23 years old and has a law degree (Very smart) but she has had been going to church for a long time and always has these good questions and all. but this past 2 weeks we have been working with her to pray and read the BOM/Bíblia to help her receive a response before the 28th of março and this past week she received a response!!!! :))) So that was a awesome baptism!!! :D Crazy though, on the day of the baptism our chapel ran out of water and we couldn't do the baptism in our chapel so everyone got into one car and rest went by bus. but we went to another chapel and the baptism went great!! I also made a cake for her baptism!! The cake actually turned out pretty good!!! :D (Talking about cakes.... this week we will have a ward activity "Manly cakes" where the men have to make the cakes and the women have to try it and all.... (judge) So I will make a cake that I made in óbidos that actually turned out pretty yummy!!! :D) But yea...... the baptism went great and yesterday her mom showed up when she received the Holy Ghost! \That was also very good!!!
But, this week will work with Carlos/Carla. They are brothers and sisters and they both have been learning and changing their lives for the better!!! Carlos has a rough problem with smoking.... so will visit them with our bishop (Who had a huge problem before he got baptised) So I think that will help him out a lot!!! But we will work with them both this week and see if we can help them enter the waters this week or next.... the small problem will also be that this week is General conference (GC!!! I haven't seen it since apr. 2014.... the last time in Oct. the area (Óbidos) didn't have satellite..... SO I AM SOOO EXCITEDDDD) But yea after this week we will have our stake conference next week!!! So it will be really crazy like 2 weeks without receiving the Holy Ghost.... but will talk with our bishop and all about that stuff. But yea we are excited for them both!!!
But yea I am doing great!!! This week is easter week and the church have a new website for Easter ( it's the good stuff!! (SEND IT TO EVERYONE AND THEIR DOGS) Now we will have a awesome tool to do a lot of contacts and help people know about our Savior and all!!!!! :D Heck yea!!!!!!! But yea I know that He lives and I know that He did everything FOR US because -HE LOVES US- and I know that!!! I am grateful for everything! I sure do love yall so much!!! thanks again for everything!!!! I will y'all a happy Easter and week full of moments happy and full of miracles!! ABRAÇO e até logo!!!
Com amor,
Elder McCrea

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