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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mitchell, week 61, Óbidos ,

It's been a long time!

first I am sorry I haven't written an email in a long time. I am not sure when was the last time I wrote an email to everyone. I am gonna just write and sorry if there are errors and all. but I got transferred less then 3 weeks ago to a city called Óbidos. It's is a ward and is really in Timbuktu. I got here by a speed boat that took like 3.5 hours, but if I would use a slower boat it would take like 7-8 hrs. But really it's great here! My companion is Elder Laurentina from São Paulo. Another Paulista! ;P But he's a great guy! He has been here for like more than 3 months and in this zone for like more than 9 months or something. But it's great here!! The ward is using a small house for now. But guess what???? In January or February the chapel that they are building INCREDIBLY fast will be done by December for sure and we can use the chapel. The town only has like 40 thousand so like EVERYONE talks about the new chapel! It really will be the most beautiful looking church in this city for sure!!! :P I am excited to see what more miracles will happen. But really its crazy how fast time is flying!!!! WE have done so much through the week and its just crazy!! I hit like my 14 month mark last week also! But yea I am pretty excited for this next week as well. We will be heading to Santarém to go to the zone meeting and it will be the regular slow boat, so it will pretty sweet to sleep on a hammock and be in the middle of the Amazon on a flipping boat! :D HECK YEA!!!! 

Sorry everyone that I haven't written lately..... it doesn't really help as well that the internet is HORRIBLY SLOW!!!!!! So it takes years to open a site and write something. But I really love it here! I am doing great!! It crazy here also there are tons of hills. It's like the only city here in this state that actually has hills. IT'S PRETTY CRAZY!!!! But I am pretty excited for this next week! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! :) I am not sure how it will work here in Óbidos. I think we will receive a recording and see it the week after. But also this next Saturday/Sunday is the presidential/state election. So it's getting pretty crazy down here. But yea I am grateful for the mission presidente to trust me to put me in this area and I hope my companion and the other 2 elders here, can find people to teach and continue seeing miracle day to day!
I sure do love this gospel I know that families can be sealed together! I am grateful that we have temples here on earth! I know something that I will do right when I get back home will go through the temple. But I hope soon the members here in Pará will have a temple to frequent. But I really I love my family so much. I am grateful for my sister who is serving in Ukraine. I love her dearly! Plus I am eternally grateful for my parents for raising me in this gospel!
I wish y'all a great and happy week and until next Monday!
Até Logo (See you later)
Élder McCrea 

p.s. I am sorry I am not sending any pictures in my emails.... (it's really hard with the slow internet and the computers filled with viruses.)