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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mitchell, week 52, Tapana

This past week has been filled with some GREAT miracles!! 1st thing is found some great investigators!! One of them works in the morning during Sunday so we helped her and her cousin make it to another ward that is in another part of the city. But they liked the service a lot and this past Sunday we had like 7 investigators at church total! Plus we had  2 less active families that we are working to come back to church. But I am really having a great time serving the people here in Tapanã! You wanna know what is CRAZY?????? In 3 days I will hit my 1 year mark on a mission! So that means that I only have like 1 year more here in Brasil. WOW! Time is flying!! But I can't believe that how fast time is flying. In no time I will be in a airplane heading to the USA. But I know it is time to continue working and loving the people here in Brasil and in all the other areas that I will serve. But I sure am grateful for the time I am here in a mission and teach people about this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. This past week had our zone meeting and it went great! The practices that happened went swell! 

But really nothing big, big happened. Just that we are finding and helping people in our areas. Sadly like the past weeks people keep breaking into our chapel. But I really don't know what they wanna steal.... last time they just stole a lamp that goes on if the electricity goes off.... But also our chapel has a alarm system. It's sad people would do this to a chapel.

But really here in Brasil the chapels don't have anything really expensive and if it's expensive, they put it in the secretary's office. which has like a 4 inch door with metal pins that lock it in. But the chapels are way different than ones there in the states (for the ones that didn't know.....)

So this past week tons of people already forgot about the world cup. Some people are really upset and they are taking down all the banners and stuff. But here is a painting that someone did on a wall. I thought that it was pretty cool looking.Gosh there is so much Para (State that I am serving) things in the photo. :P

Sorry that this letter doesn't have that much of information or nothing of interest. HAHA! But really the days are going by so fast and the weeks are going by days for me! TIME IS JUST FLYING!!!!! 

But I would like to end with my testimony that I know that the things that I teach is true and I know that our savior Jesus Christ lives and he died for all of our sins! I really love my family!!

Until next week, (which for me would feel like tomorrow) 

Elder McCrea

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