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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mitchell, week 48, Tapana


Alright..... So y'all are gonna have to bear with me for about 2 more weeks without photos. (My SD card that I have still works and has photos but its a pain to put it back in if I take it out.) But I can't believe in like 2 weeks I will hit my 1 year mark!!! CRAZY!!!!!!! But all is good here. Brasil won the last game with Columbia. So tomorrow Brasil is playing against Germany. Also our Mission president will let us see the game tomorrow!! :D Plus Wednesday we have a the Zone Conference with all the missionaries here in Belém. So it all should be good this next week!! It kinda stinks this past week here in Para it's time off of school and all. So a lot of people here left to visit other families members in other cities and all. So it's kinda hard, but things are working out. Mom and Dad I got 2 cards from yall this past week! THANKS!!!! :D 

Gosh it kinda stinks! So there is an other American that lives in the same apt. He found out this past week when he will be going home. So he keeps talking what he will do and all! Its great and all! But gosh it gets me a little trunky!! But Elder Costa and I are doing great!! He is such a great companion and really he is helping with the conjugation of verbs and all. So like every Saturday for like the past 2 months I am teaching an English class. Not sure why, but not a lot of people from the neighborhood come but we have some regulars. But gosh its funny I am starting to forget english grammar and phrases and all. Gosh, it's pretty funny, because I have to ask Elder Costa if I am right on some things and he isn't even from the USA (He's from Portugal). But I am sorry that my emails/letters arent the best with english grammar. Sorry! I cant wait to see how it will be when I get back home. :P

But nothing really hasn't happened big. I think what I am gonna start doing is write the main points during the week so on Monday I can have something to talk about. But I think I am missing something but right now I think that's about it. The weeks are just going by faster and faster and soon, I know, my 2 years will be all up and that's it. But I hope I doing my best and always loving everyone that I meet. I sure love this gospel and I know that my family are sealed for eternity! I know that this Gospel blesses lives for eternity and I am really eternally grateful for my parents who sacrificed everything for me and my sister. I love this Gospel and I know my Savior died for my sins so I can return to him one day. I hope everyone is having a great day and I hope your week will be AWESOME and filled with tons of miracles! 

Love you all,
Elder McCrea

p.s. LETTERS PLEASE? I promise I will write back! :)

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