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Monday, July 14, 2014

Mitchell, week 49, Tapana


HOLY COW!!! 7 to 1 Brasil lost against Germany in the semi-finals plus lost against Netherlands for the 3rd spot HERE IN BRASIL!! It was crazy when Brasil lost 7 to 1. Our president let the missionaries watch the game against Germany. That was probably the worst game to watch if we had the choice to watch. GOSH, Germany made like 4 goals in less then 6 minutes. HAHAHA!!! We watched it at the neighbors. They put their TV outside on the balcony and we just sat outside as they were watching the game. But, wow, after the game and the day after I didn't even see one person with a BRASIL shirt or jersey. It was CRAZY!!! Everyone was sad/mad/depressed and just didn't know what to do. Plus Argentina won against Netherlands and then if Argentina won the game yesterday (finals) and won the World Cup here in Brasil they would be even upset and Argentinians would shove it in the Brasilians faces and all! It would have gotten CRAZY!!! But Germany won the game yesterday, so they won the world cup!! But WOW, like what I have been saying in the past emails, the World Cup and Soccer in general is HUGE here in Brasil!!!! But I am kind of glad it's all over now!! Now we can start working everyday and not have people watching the games and all. :P

So this past week was Zone Conference with President/Sister Scisci and with 2 other zones. But gosh it was great seeing other elders/sisters in other zones!! But definitely learned some great stuff! Also had some great activities. But I learned something that it's important to not worry, but to just go and work!!.... (só vai, get-r-done, just do it) But also this past week we found 2 GREAT families! Sadly, they couldn't make it to church yesterday but we will keep working on them! I also learned at the conference that it's important to keep working and loving your investigators even if they aren't progressing. and just have more of a Christ-like love for everyone that I meet. 

This past week we also cleaned our apartment like a BOSS! Gosh, it's a huge apartment just for 4 missionaries but we cleaned it for like 6 hours because we really would want to feel the spirit more and have more happiness and all the good stuff that happens when your surroundings are clean and all. it looks great now! Now it's important to keep it this way :D 

But really I am grateful for this gospel! I KNOW that what my sister wrote is so true!! "With great power comes great responsibility." (Uncle of Peter Parker - Spiderman) This chance that I have to represent the Church of Jesus Christ and see people change their lives to receive the blessings that are in store and waiting for them! I really love this "Job" I know that there is no other church that has 85 thousand (young adults) missionaries world wide serving a mission for 18/24 months leaving work, family, school, friends, hobbies, etc. I know that this is The CHURCH of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos Dos Útimos Dias, is Christ's church RESTORED in these latter days. I am so grateful I have this gospel in my life and I know it is true because I asked our Father that is in Heaven (James 1:5). 

I hope everyone is having a Só Filé (Just Fillet... A saying here which means everything is going great) day/week! I sure love you all and until next week!! 

Elder McCrea

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