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Monday, December 15, 2014

Mitchell, week 71, Obidos


Alright..... I am slowly getting back on the ball with writing my weekly letters..... But WOW this past week was GREAT!!! Elder Machado and I saw TONS of miracles the biggest ones is that we helped 2 families start their papers to get married!! :D WHOOPIE!!! So like here in a month or so they can be baptized!! :) HECK YEA!!!! But wow it was so sweet seeing their faces smiling ear to ear and thanking us so much for helping them!! But wow that was just 2 miracles that happened in the same week!!! :) Also hahah funny but tomorrow is the Christmas conference with all the missionaries from the zone. And we also received our secret Santa... (I think that's what's its called in English) But yea I received President Scisci as the person I will give the gift. CRAZYY!!!!! HAHA I already got him his gift and its just tons of pressure I think to get him the right fit. But I think I chose the right gift! :P But yea tomorrow is the conference. Where it will be a day full of games and all!! Plus it will be in the same local as last year (Because I am in the same zone as last year during Christmas) But yea the locale is ´pretty and I am excited for the churrasco!! :)))  But also tonight we will be leaving Óbiodos by boat and getting in Santarém tomorrow morning! :)) WHOOPIE!!! BOAT TRIPSSSS!!!! :))) But yea this past week also we did a lot of service projects!! 2 were planned and the other 2 were on the roads as we were walking and stopped and helped. But the 2 that were planned we (Elder Machado and I) cleaned the back part of the church (Or house because the church is renting a house until the NEW chapel is ready) There were tons of trash bags that were almost decomposed with tons of trash and we cleaned it all up. and the other service project was with a member named Wander. WE helped cut down this huge tree. We cut the part that was above the neighbors yard and garden. But yea This past week was AWESOME!! Definitely a week full of miracles!! Also this past week the wards family home evening was at the house of Cleiliane. She is less active that we are helping and we baptized her children and are teaching/baptizing her relatives (parents, sister and her husband and kids, brother in-law and his wife and kids) but wow!! It's crazy to think that we found so many great people to teach and help enter in the water of baptism with just one contact that we did a little over a 1 month ago! CRAZY!!!!
I am excited for this next week! For the Christmas conference and also if all is right we should have 2 more baptisms.... Eduardo and Maria. Eduardo is 10 years old but wow he talks and thinks like a 15 year old and Maria is his sister that is 12 years old! But wow they are so smart and are really searching to find out if the church is really true! But yea I think all with work out this week and we should finish teaching them and help them get baptized!
I gotta get going!! I sure am grateful for all the experiences that I am having here in Óbidos! I sure do love my family and I know that the church is true! I know that during the month of Natal it is important to remember the gift most important in our lives.... Jesus Christ. He is our gift and I am grateful for him and the chance I have to repent of my sins! I am grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to teach the children of God for 2 years of my life!
I wish y'all a happy week full of miracles, happiness, and missionary experiences! Até logo!!
Com amor,
Elder McCrea

my personalized hammock made by a member 

p.s. Sorry about all my English errors and also if I write in Portuguese as well. HAHA Sorry! :P

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