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Monday, December 1, 2014

Mitchell, week 69, Obidos

HEYY!!! so transfers was this past week and I am staying here in Óbidos with Elder Machado! WE had 2 baptisms this past week (Carolaine and Naiara) the baptism took place at a igarapé (I don't know what you call it in English) But it went so great!! And is everything works out this week we could have 4 more baptisms! :)) I am sure grateful for this chance I am here on a mission! I apologize I am not writing you guys as much... plus not sending photos.... its a little hard with the computers here. I really don't wanna loose the photos that I have and it takes a while to download them on the email. 

But this past week I had to buy some things at the pharmacy. I had a problem with my foot. So I bought some medicine for my foot (problem was taken care of) also I bought some solution for my contacts. But mom and dad I am doing so much better now!! You guys can't believe it as well..... On Monday a miracle happened. So there is a (less active) member that works at the new lds chapel that is being built in the city. He tells me that he has a pair of shoes that will fit me. I said okay and I thought to my self that he doesn't really know how big my feet are or how small the shoes would be on me. So that night we passed by his house and he gives me a pair of shoes that is the same brand and size as what I was wearing that night. The brand "missionary shoes" its CRAZY!!!!! It was brand new and he has never used it! Its crazy!! He told us that he has had it over 3 years now. The reason he gave it to me, was because it doesn't even fit him one bit.  But its in perfect condition. and I thanked him SO MUCH!!!! So now I am all set for the rest of my mission. I am using them right now! :)) I still haven't gotten the package that y'all sent. But today or tomorrow the LZs will be heading to Belém and we (Óbidos) will be heading to the city of the LZ (Santarém) on Wednesday night. So the LZ´s will bring us all the boxes and cards that are in the mission office there in Belém. So if the package has arrived I should be getting the envelope that y'all sent this week! :)) WHOOPIE!!! 

But talking about having to travel to Santarém. I would like to buy some ties (To give to the young men that I baptized here in Óbidos) and print the photos of our recent baptisms that have happened to give them and the family the photos of the baptism. 

But Mom and Dad I am doing so great! I am grateful for the chance I am here on a mission! Its crazy soon will be natal (skype chat) and soon after I will be going home! but I sure do love this gospel! I know it is true!! I hope all is well there with mom and Mariah there in home and dad working. Or how is it right now with Mariah home? Please write me mom and Mariah... I wanna know how y'all are doing

Your eternal Son,
Elder McCrea

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