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Monday, May 26, 2014

Mitchell, week 43, Tapana

Alright.... I don't have much time as always.... But I am doing GREAT!!! Sorry some words are stuck together. This space bar doesn't work that great. But wow I am doing great! I am seeing tons of miracles in my life! I learning so much!! Not sure if y'all know but my companion is as old as you can get here on the mission! He hit his 2 year mark 2 days ago. He wanted to stay one more transfer before going back home. He is "dying" but still working. We have a lot of words we say on a mission. like dying, killing, son/daughter (when you train a new missionary), father/Mother (the missionary that trained you) I will also get the privilege to "kill" Elder Rodrigues. Hahah So as of right now I have "killed" Elder Hoch and now Elder Rodrigues. But we are working great!! He is definitely helping me with Portuguese!

But here are a few things that's happened lately..... 

FABIO BAPTISM!!! Gosh he is such a great STUD! I can see him serve a mission later when he hits 18 or so. But that's his mom! Gosh his family is GREAT! I love them!! Hopefully the rest of the family will follow his example and our Savior to enter the covenant of Baptism. :D But that night was also the ward activity of TACACÀ!!! IT IS SOOO GOOD! I really don't even know how to explain how they made it or what it tastes like! But its SOOOOO GOOD! You eat the shrimp and bamboo and then drink the liquid! GOSH I LOVE BRASIL AND PARÀ!!!! 

One of the new members in our ward has a rain forest looking back yard. GOSH ITS AWESOME!!!! Their house is made all of wood and is on stilts. Alright so the first time in my mission I broke a bridge that some of the streets have. I haven't gained weight...  (I have lost like 2 more kilos here in this area) I just wasn't thinking when I walked over the weak part of the bridge. HAHAH IT was hilarious. Plus it's even more hilarious that they told me that many of the American missionaries have broken parts of this bridge. LOL! But yea I am officially in the rain forest now! Raining every day as normal and gets pretty hot as well too..... Also soon its Açai season! :D And the tall skinny trees that are shown below are açai tress!! :D In June/July is when they climb the trees and cut off the açai! They told us that when the season comes we can come over and drink some AÇAI!!! HECK YEAAAA!!!!!
I am running out of time as usual. But I know that this gospel is true and blesses families for eternity! I know that I have been called by God to serve here because there are people waiting to be blessed by the message that I share with my companions. I sure do love my family so much and I know they are receiving blessings while my sister is in Ukraine and I am in Brasil serving a mission! I know that this church is the Church of Jesus Christ restored with the same organisation of a Prophet and 12 Apóstles and that Jesus Christ is the headstone of this church (Ephesians 2:20). I hope y'all are having a great day today and a UTIMO (awesome) week this week. E Até MAIS! (and until next time)
-Elder McCrea

p.s.- YOU!! Yea you.... if your reading this can you please send me a card or something. I promise that if you write me a card that once I get it I will respond back to ya. (Something to keep in mind that, I am on the amazon.... So if I take long to respond its either I haven't gotten your card or your card is on the way) But It really does mean the world to me if when I get letters!!!! Thanks to y'all that have sent a letter to me! Love ya! 

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