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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mitchell, week 35, Marabá

Oi Tudo Mundo :D (Hey everyone)

Oi, well this past week has been crazy!! I said good by to Elder Montarroys. I am grateful I had the chance to serve with him and I learned so much from him!! But now my new companion is...... Elder Branco (Branco means white :P) So my companion is Elder Branco! He's from Sâo Paulo interior. He has about 1 year on his mission and is just a great little guy! He is small and practically just a stick. He tells people he weighs about the same as a sack of concrete. But hahahah he's GREAT! (Also kinda funny... My best friend Chesley or BFFLE = best friend for like ever. Is serving a mission in the West Virginia mission and her name is Sister White and her companion is Sister Gray. HAHAH kinda fuinny I think) But ahh this week was GREAT!!!!

My birthday turned out pretty good! There is a family that has a restaurant here in Marabá (Sister Telma and Brother Nevaldo) that made 2 pizzas for us! GOSH IT WAS FLIPPING GOOD!!!!! If you ever in Marabá, Para stop by and eat some Flipping good pizza and caldo at Big-Bom in Marabá, Pará on the road Avenida VP 3! :b Plus add them on Facebook Brother Nevaldo told me they got one! :P But ahh that family is great!! 

That's about it for this week..... sorry this letter is short but Wow! I am so glad I am on a mission!! I LOVED General Conference and the one quote I just love is what Elder Holland said, " Pure Christ-like love flowing from righteousness can change the world" Gosh I just love that quote!! I love my family so much!! I am grateful 
for this gospel and I know that if you read the scriptures, go to church, and pray our lives will always be blessed!!! :D

Com amor e Abraço! (with love and hugs)
Elder McCrea

p.s. So the Zone Leaders are in Belém today and tomorrow I hope they will bring back some cards! :) Btw, if you write me I promise I will write back! :D (It takes about a month for you to get my letters. :(  Also the address to the mission office is a little different. Just the zip code changed to.... 66035-135. But everything else is the same! :D 

Duda, Sister Telma, Brother Nevaldo and Elder Branco at BigBom :D

Brother Claudio and Sister Kayla are doing great!! They visited General Conference and loved it! 
  <-- The family and grand kids with Elder Montarroyos

HEY SIS.... Cectpa McCrea they have a brand of rice with your name on it! :P 

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