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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mitchell, week 38, Marabá

Well  am just gonna send this email to you two... but I hope I can explain whats been happening these past week or two and you can post it on the blog. But please review it and make sure everything is good to post.

Well I have sent all the pictures to y'all a total of 6 emails worth of photos before this email.

We had a branch activity 2 Sundays ago at a park. Were we explained the church and had a projector and all. It turned our really good! The problem was that all the references and contacts was in the area of the other elders here in Marabá. But it got the branch pumped up to help us out in this AWESOME work here in Marabá.

I hit my 9th month mark.... so that's why I sent those pictures :P with the mustache and baby bump

So last Saturday we had a baptism of this young women named Amanda. Her mom (member) lives in Brasilia but lives with her aunt here in Marabá. Her aunt is also a member. But Amanda had a rough time excepting to be baptized. But with the help of her aunt (Sister Elianie) she helped Amanda understand and bore her testimony as well. But Amanda definitely knows what she is doing. She has a strong testimony and definitely knows the Bible and all. She is such a smart young girl! The baptism turned out pretty good as well!! :D Funny part was that she actually got baptized 6 times. She kept kicking her legs out the water and so we finally did it on her knees so that she can be completely covered in water. But gosh it was a great day!! That same day we were crossing a highway and we saw a young bull in the middle of the road. It was crazy how he was dodging the cars and just full of confusion. But sadly he got hit by a bus and died on the spot..... :(

These past weeks we have been doing visits with 3 members.... (Rodrigo (Got his mission call to serve in Londrina- Brasil leaves in may, Heber (We are helping him get ready for his mission), and Crisline (Also we are  helping her out) But this ward is filled and pumped up with joy and energy to do missionary work!! :D 

Sadly, this is the last week of this transfers.... It was cut a week short. But I pray I can stay here until the middle of June till the end of the next transfers so I can see the baptism of Brother Claudio and Sister Kayla. They are doing great and are so excited to receive their marriage papers and after be baptized in the middle of May! :D 

We are helping this family out to be baptized this next week, but I am just excited to be here on a mission in BRASIL!!!! The language is SLOWLY coming... I am understanding more and more and talking a little better every day! :D But I know this gospel is true, I know the Book of Mormon is also true, and I love you!! 

With love,
Elder McCrea 

The baptism we had last week. Her name is Amanda. Her mom is a member but lives in Brasilia right now.
 The sister with her is her Aunt and her cousin and also with her little brother. But wow Amanda is smart and we are happy we could help her out! :D 

Balancing Amanda :P

Lichia fruto - fricken good
The branch activity at a park. We talked with everyone there and got a lot of references. Problem was 100% of the contacts were in the area of the other elders. But it was a blast and got the branch pumped for missionary work.

Half of a loaf of bread a member gave us.
A dog that was following us for like 2 days! :D 

The elders in my zone....
This is my 9th mark on a mission photos. So its my 9th mark mustache or my baby bump. :P 

This weird cintaped (I don't remember how to spell it in English) I found on the road that day
The rain we have been getting lately. This rain is the spring rain. Where it's thick rain, but still pretty sunny outside. 

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