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Monday, March 31, 2014

Mitchell, week 34, Marabá

Back to the Past! :P

Well, I made it another week! These past weeks have been crazy! TONS of rain and just having a good ol´time! :D Sadly transfers ended this past week and Elder Montarroyos is leaving, and that's all we know. We haven't gotten any other information (when he leaves and where? and who is my new companion and when he comes in) but I am excited and sad at the same time. 

So this past week we have been getting tons of rain. One night we got caught in the rain as we were heading home. It was getting close to 9:30pm (when we have to be home) and we started running. When we got home we were soaked soaked soaked TONS!!! But it was great! :P Plus one of the photos I sent was when we just finished our lunch with Irma Raquel and we were heading to Irma Wagna and Irmao Lucas house to visit them. And we came upon this road that became almost a river,  but we had to cross it to get to her house. But ahh it was great! :P That day it rained practically all day! :P

Also we are visiting Herber and his family. we have family home evening at his house and I made Mac and cheese!  :) AHH IT WAS FLIPPING GOOD!!!! I went to heaven and returned! :P I was definitely a little trunky (thinking of home) as well. They don't have mac and cheese here in Brasil! :D But ahh it was soo good! :P 

Also this past week we stayed home on Friday because Elder Monarroyos stomach wasn't feeling too good and so I had the chance to work on our Area book and work on some other stuff. But this next week I am not sure what's in store, but I am excited to be here in Brasil and I know this gospel is true! I know it is true because I feel it every day! btw, this past Sunday during sacrament meeting I gave a talk over the Gift of the Holy Ghost and it went pretty good I thought! :D But I know this gospel is restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and is restored with the same keys as when Jesus Christ was here on the Earth. I love my Savior dearly and I love my family! I am grateful I have 19 years (almost 20 years <-- on 3rd of April :D) in the gospel with my family! I am thankful for missionary work and I love you all! Keep holding to the Rod and counting your many blessings! :D and don't forget to SMILE!!! :D

Elder McCrea

(Also this week I hit the big two zero 20! :D WHOOP :)

the mac and cheese that I made at a family night! :P It was so good and it made me trunky! :D

 And we came upon this road that became almost a river

But the last one was from family night at Herber house. with (from left to right.... Rodrigo, brother of Herber and his wife, Herber and irma Tamires, elder Montarroys and me with their dog :D

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