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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mitchell, week 33, Marabá

All is good! :)

So yesterday (3/17/2014) we had zone conference with President and Sister Scisci! It was GREAT!! Learned TONS of stuff I can apply to my mission life and a lot about after the mission life. But I am grateful also I saw all of the elders in our zone. Kinda cool but we have 12 missionaries in our zone; 4 in my city, 4 in Parauapebas, 2 in Canaã, and 2 in Altamira. And there is 6 brazilians and 6 norte americans. It was good to see them all and I got to see for the 1st time a missionary from my MTC district.... Elder HAYES!!!! :) He's awesome!!! He was serving in Jacksonville, Florida waiting for his visa and he barely got his visa like over a month ago. But it was crazy to have 12 missionaries in our apt the night before conference. But all went good!! The 24th next Monday is my 8 month mark on a mission!! WOW! Time is flying!!!!!!!

This week we also had the offical paperwork signing session. (Not sure what you call it in English) but Brother Claudio and Sister Kayla are married!! :) The paperwork takes a month until they will get it, and after they as a family can enter the waters of baptism! I am so excited and happy for them!! :) WHOOPIE!!!!!!

Sadly all the rain we have been getting in Marabá, the river of Tocantins has risen and it has covered some streets in the old part of Marabá. We haven't visited that part lately but we have planned to visit Brother Heber and Sister Tamires. So this week we should be able to get some pictures of that part of Marabá. Really sad to hear about their homes and all.... (Count your many blessings and keep them in your prayers)

My time is runned out but I know that this gospel is the same gospel when Jesus Christ was here on Earth. I know Joseph Smith restored this gospel in the last dispensation. And right now we have a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson here on Earth. I am grateful for this time I have to teach this wonderful gospel to the people here in Marabá, PA. I love my family and I love my work! Continue to count your many blessings, say your prayers, read the scriptures, and SMILE!! :)

With Love,
Elder Mitch McCrea

Sister Kayla and Brother Claudio with Elder Montarroys and I. The day of their wedding session on Wendsday (3/12/2014) :D

River Tocantins. Over the bridge during the bus trip we take every day! :) That was such a pretty day! Also had a lot of rain that night...

Zone Conference - Elder Montarroys and I. My companion; his from Recife, born in Africa
(Adopted at 6 months to a Spaniard dad and a Brasilian Mom), 19 years old (Birthday also in April!! :D ), Surfs, just a really nice solid dude! I am glad we are companions!!

With Love,
Elder Mitch McCrea

1 comment:

  1. É indiscutível, o quanto é bom e maravilhosa, a obra dos meus amigos missionários. Em termos, eles ajudam muitas pessoas a encontrarem um sentido para a vida, ajudam o seu próximo, trazem uma mensagem maravilhosa para todos nós.
    Observa-se que muito de nós, andam em busca de uma propósito para a vida, até porque viver por viver é a maior chatice. Com eles eu aprendi a viver um dia de cada vez, que Deus tem um plano espiritual, que ele quer que sejamos felizes.
    Eu agora aprendi que agradar a todos não muda os meus dias... se vingar não muda os meus dias...conquistar elogios, competir, disputar o sucesso não muda os meus dias... justificar os meus erros também não. Amar sim !
    Alem disso, conheci algo maravilhoso: O livro de mórman. Fico tão feliz por saber que existe uma esperança, pela nossa organização, por fazer parte dessa igreja na qual sou muito feliz !
    Desse modo, deixo aqui meu testemunho que o quê aprendi com eles é bom. Que a mensagem deles é verdade e que Jesus vive. Pude ser ajudado e a minha vida, hoje, é melhor !