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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mitchell, week 32, Marabá

Count your many Blessings! :D

Boa Tarde todo mundo!! :D  (Good afternoon everyone) 

I am gonna try to make this letter a good one! :D 

But I am doing great!! I am excited for these next 2 weeks left of this transfer! Not sure if y'all know but I am with Elder Montarroys for 2 transfers now. He is just great!! His family is from Recife, has 2 younger sisters, and has about 14 months on a mission. Has been here in this area as long as I have been in Brasil. But ahh this is awesome!! So 2 weeks ago we had a baptism (Rafaela), a cousin of a less-active member. They all are just GREAT!!!! 

So this past couple of weeks (Especially the 1st couple of days of March) its been crazy here in BRASIL!! Carnival time... That means tons of drinking for a lot of people, a lot of stores are closed, and just some crazy crazy days! I have seen some people really drunk and seen some crazy stuff..... (Kinda Sad) But we Elder Montarroys and I, made it alive with all the walking we do. But WOW our AREA is huge!! There are only a total of 4 missionaries in this city with a population of 250,000 people! Plus the city is spread out like butter!! (Ahh.... Yesterday I thought of Graham Crackers and Milk!! Gosh I miss that.... -_-) But we are doing great! This past week was AWESOME!! So there is this family (Brother Claudio and Sister Kayla) that has been coming to church for a long time (Around 6 month) They want to get baptized but the problem is they aren't married. Every time we invite them to get married, something happens at home or work. BUTTTT.... This past week we invited them and when we asked them to pray if they should get married. And Irmão Claudio said, "No need to pray... We already have a response, we want to get married." Heck to the YEA!!! So on Wednesday we will visit with them to turn in their papers to get married!! WHOOPIE!! 

I am doing great! I am understand more and more every day!! :D And most of the time I don't have to repeat myself when I am talking to someone! :P I know I am taking awhile to get this language down... but I know it will come with time and practice! :) [VERBS ARE KILLING ME -__-]

 :D Photo Time.... Sorry, I haven't taken many photos lately.... 

But the 1st one is of a rain cloud that was coming our way during our morning studies. This month and especially February and January is the raining season and you can definitely see the river Tocantins rising.  (Runs right through the city) There are a lot of homes near that river that are covered with water right now....

Next is of a frog that we caught when we (missionaries) were cleaning the back yard + pool, that we have at our chapel. We cleaned it for the Youth Conference that was during the Carnival weekend. I was told it was a great turn out and they all had a blast!!

Lastly is of the baptism 2 weeks ago. So from left to right is ( Me, Irmão Lucas, his daughter, Elder Montarroys, Jilda (family friend) Rafaela, and Irma Wagna (Wife of Irmão Lucas) It was such a great baptism and a spiritual filled night!! :D (She actually got baptized in the pool that we cleaned a couple of days before) :)))

So this next Monday we should have Zone Conference with President Scisci! Whoopie!! But ahh, I am sorry this letter is gonna be short and has TONS of spelling errors but I am grateful for all your prayers and all! (Pray especially for all the missionaries out there in the world! Definitely my sister that is serving in Ukraine. With all the action going on over there and all the other missionaries serving there as well)

I know I called by God to serve in this mission and here in Marabá with Elder Montarroys. I love my Savior and I am grateful for his Loving Atonement, that makes it possible to return to my Father in Heaven. I am grateful for temples here on Earth and that I am sealed with my family for all time and eternity in the House of The Lord (Temple). I sure do love my family!! Continue holding to the Rod and count your MANY blessings that you have received in your life! :D Abraço e Até mais! :)) (Hug and until next time)

With Love,
Elder McCrea 

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