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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mitchell, Week 4, Provo MTC, 1 MONTH GONE ALREADY!

My MTC District doing the MTC Plank together - Picture #1

My MTC District doing the MTC Plank together - Picture #2
I can't believe it's been a month since I've been here at the MTC! 100 more weeks of my mission! CRAZY!! But I am just gonna bullet all the crazy and fun things thats been happening lately! I sure do love you Mom and Dad and am SOO grateful that I am serving a Mission. But here it goes.... (:

- This past Sunday I was released as District Leader for 7-E and Elder Blackner from Washington is the New District Leader! Such a Solid Elder! Definitely knows how to make everyone smile,
- Still no word on VISAS. No one hasn't gotten theirs yet.... But next Friday we will get reassignments and I am so animado(excited)!! :D
- Tomorrow we are hosting as a district. Which means we will be guiding the new missionaries that show up tomorrow around the MTC! :D So that will be fun
- I was invited to say the opening prayer for the Sunday Devotional this Sunday. I am pretty nervous because of all the Sister and Elders that will be listening. But I know it will be great!
- As a district we are singing in the MTC choir every week! I am loving it!! 
- Elder Gale auditioned to play a duel violin duet with a sister going to Japan. Hopefully that get the chance to perform in a devotional or departure or some type of big meeting.
- The language is going! We had a sub teacher yesterday and he was AMAZING! Definitely help me out and the district to not be discouraged about the language. But I am grateful we don't have to roll the R's like in portuguese. But the discussions are going good! WE have 2 investigators that are the teachers and are acting like one of their converts they taught when they were in their missions. This week we started teaching each other. So we are our own investigators and we have to act like someone we know that isn't a member or convert. So Elder Gale is acting like his non mormon neighbor and I am acting like a good friend that was at school and played Football with me.  
- We went to the temple today! FLIIPPP. The new endowment video is amazing!! But I love going as a district! Hopefully you two can go soon! I pray yall can! But you will definitely love it!! 
- We are starting to play a district volleyball game during our gym time on Segunda-feira (Monday) morning and Cincuenta-feira (Friday) evening. It is sooo fun!!
- I have a page. Not sure if you wanna do anything with that for the blog,
- A saying I always think of is... "Um Dia Por Vez" - "One day at a Time" I know the language will come. I try to get to stressed out and just learn the discussions, speak portuguese as much as I can, and have fun! 
- Favorite 3 scriptures this week.... 1.)Matthew 17:20 2.) Romans 1:16 3.) Numbers 24:8

I sure do love you 2 so much and can't say it enough how grateful I am for how you raised me and for all you do!! 

I hope this expresses this past week for me and all that i've done and experiences. :D I am loving it and just can't wait to get to the mission field where ever it may be! :D


Elder McCrea

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