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Monday, February 23, 2015

Mitchell, week 81, Óbidos

Holy Cow!! I really don't have much time!! I am really out of time! The
internet today was horrible!! I had to send tons of time sending my
emails and stuff to the mission office and write my email to president
and wow its just rough to get everything done with the slow
internet!! But today was transfers and...... I AM STAYING!! I don't
believe it!! ITS CRAZY!!!! It's not for sure yet... but its like +70
percent that I will stay, but as of 17:30 today I haven't gotten a call
yet that I will get transfer. and also Elder Machado will stay as
well!! :) WE now will have 4.5 transfers together!! 
Crazy!! But this past week we have a baptism of Jackson (20 years old) neighbor of
Abinhoan (My 2nd person I baptised in Óbidos) But Jackson is doing
great!! He also received the Sacerdocio yesterday as well!! Again we
had his baptism early on Sunday because he worked on Saturday but the
baptism was small but sweet!! The Amazon river was great!!! It wasn't
that cold.... (Lately we have been getting tons of rain and that
morning RIGHT after the baptism it started raining tons) but all is
good!! My health is doing great!!! WE got our district Tshirt this
past week and they look AWESOME!! I also made a shirt of Marabá (My
2nd zone) it looks SWEET! Also a member traded me a Moto-taxi shirt
with my name for the Micheal Jordan shirt that you sent me mom! HAHAHA
The shirts looks great!! I am thinking to send y'all a box of all the
stuff that I got here in Óbidos at the end of March or something.

In the car was the 6 of us going to the river for the baptism of Jackson!!!

But yea the district is doing great!! 3/6 of us got transferred.... the
2 sisters in Oriximiná will get transferred and will have to close
their area (We don't know if it will be sisters or elders there....)
and Elder Bandeira got transferred (here in Óbidos) We don't know where
they will be going or with who in their new areas... just know that
they will get transferred. But yea the district is good!! WE had 5
baptisms this past month and this next will have a lot! Because soon
the wedding paperwork will arrive for the mateus/andrea and
Claudinilson/Poliane So we are excited for that and also here in 2
weeks will be the new chapel dedication in Óbidos!! So we are excited
for that as well!! But yea its crazy I am starting my 15 transfer....
just 2 more and that's it!! CRAZY HOW FAST TIME FLIES!!!!!! But yea I am
so grateful for that chance I have to stay here in Óbidos for more 6
weeks!! CRAZY!! But I am grateful for all of my blessings!! I know
that this church is true and the atonement of our Savior and Redeemer
Jesus Christ is real!

I love y'all so much and I hope that y'all have a SPLENDID week!!!
Elder McCrea

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