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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mitchell, week 79, Obidos


ALRIGHT!! I am doing great!! This past week was CRAZY!! First off we had a zone meeting in Santarém so we lost part of Thursday and Friday and got back on Saturday around 3am. But the meeting was GGREAT!!!! Learned some great stuff!! and yea we as a mission are getting ready for the visit of Elder Cook here on the 26th of Feb. But yea the meeting was great!! I got a card from Mariah!! THANKS SIS!!! I got your Christmas card! :P HAHAH!!! But yea it was a great boat ride!! We as a district ( Us 4 from Óbidos and the 2 sisters from Oriximiná) ate dinner right before the boat trip back to our areas at Subway on Friday and that was FRICKEN good!!!! It was good to do something together as a district because we 4 live far from the sisters and I wanted to do something with my district! But when we got back to our area we, Elder Machado and I were going after Bruno to see if we can let his mom allow him get baptized. He is 17 years old and will be 18 in Oct. but yea it was rough him mom let him get baptized!! But yea after like 1 month of Bruno asking her and we passing by.... she finally signed the paper and he got baptized EARLY Sunday Morning. So that was something new for me! But yea it was definitely a great, simple, sweet baptism!! We are grateful that she finally open her heart and let him be baptized. But yea this past week was crazy!!

We are working hard to find new people this new week! A lot of our investigators aren´t following our invites and all. But we will continue working with them, but need to find some "new flesh" But yea Elder Machado and I are doing great!! I cant believe that we both have 5 months together right now!! crazy! But I really think that this next transfer at the end of Feb. one of us 2 will be transferred. Its crazy to think that I only have 5 months left of being a missionary on the God's Army! Its crazy that here in less then  6 months I won't have a name tag close to my heart anymore.... It's crazy that soon I will have to return to studying and start my future family. But what I do know that this work that I am doing right now is of the Lord I am Eternally grateful for the chance I have to know the people here in Pará! I love my mission and I love Brasil!! I am really grateful for the people that I know, taught and helped here in Pará!! I love the people here and this Gospel! I know that families can be together forever!

I am grateful for my parents, my sister, family, and friends! I love you all!! I hope that you have a great week full of miracles and a chance to share this Wonderful Gospel with someone! 

con amor,
Elder McCrea

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