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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mitchell, week 24, Marabá

Bem-Viendo - Missão Brasil Belém ou Marabá

Translated = (Welcome to the Brasil Belém Mission or Marabá)

This letter is gonna be a short. But this week I have experenced the mission life here in Brasil!

1. Elder Montarroyos and I had to walk down this muddy road with no other way to walk around or to another nearby road. But my shoes, socks, and pants got all muddy! Its was GREAT!!!!! :D

2, So Friday Night we visited a member that is also living with her sister that has visited the church the past 2 weeks. We havent taught her yet but that night we asked her to be baptised..... *wait just wait* The next day! :D she accepted!! She was baptised that following day with another family! It was a great day for the branch!! :D 

3, Our washing machine broke at the beginning of the week.... SO for a couple of days we were washing our clothes by hand. Which was great!! :D But then Sunday morning something told me to plug back the washer machine and it started working again! WHOOPIE!!!!!

4, Thursday night when we were headed home in the 90 minute or so bus trip, the bus that we were taking was heading to the garage so we had to get on another bus and then we found out after we paid this other bus,  will take about 2 hours to get to our apt. So then we finally waited and got into another bus but soon after that bus broke down. It was a splendid night that night, -_-

5, These past weeks.... its been raining a lot!! :D Haven't gotten that soaked yet! :P

6. Yesterday after lunch, there was this pretty big lizard that was just chilling in the road and I decided to pick it up! I think he likes taking pictures because he didn't move at all..... :P

This past couple of weeks has been great!!! I am grateful for this chance I have to serve and represent Jesus Christ. And help the people here in Marabá!! I sure do love me family and this opportunity! I am sorry for the grammatical errors and especially the shortness of the email. But I know this church is The Church of Jesus Christ and is true! I am grateful for my many blessings!! I hope y'all have a splendid and wonderful week!!!

Até Mais!! Abraço

Elder McCrea