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Monday, January 6, 2014

Mitchell, Week 22, Santarém


Well, this week is transfers. I got some good news and bad news. Good news is I saved 10% by switching to Geico. WHATT???  We don't even have cars here in Brasil.... -__-   Bad news is I got transferred and I am heading to Marapá this next week. My new companion is Elder Montarroyos. Plus, I don't know when and how I will get there. I PRAY it will be by boat to Belém and from there autobus! BUT IT SUCKS, LEAVING MY AREA TAPAJÒS. HERE IN THE CITY OF SANTARÉM!! I love the members, my investigators, I know where everything is now, my companion Elder Teixeira is great, and just having the time of my life. So yesterday we received a call from our zone leaders about the information of our transfers. So I am heading to the southeast of our mission and Elder Teixeira is going to the area of Diamante here in Santarém. So, he is just gonna move houses. But aww..... this sucks!! Luckily I have visited, taken a photo, and talked with the members and most of our investigators. This is the mission life to love your area and them get transferred!! I am gonna miss the ward and people here so much!!!!!!!

I am having some fun with contacts. We had 2 ladies that we contacted this past week that I invited them to church and they wanted to visit and see how it was. So that was fun seeing them come to church having no lessons taught before hand. But it was awesome!! I think they liked it! :D André and his family are super sick!! Sadly they couldn't make it to church yesterday. But his wife looked really sick last night, when we visited them. But they are doing great!! I am excited what's in it for me in Marapá! :D I hope y'all had a great new year! Here in Brasil it was a war!! TONS OF FIREWORKS!!!!! (just like Christmas) But that's about it. Also tons of drinking and all.... but luckily we made it home safely that night. Kinda scary.... The night of Christmas eve. A man died right in front of our apartment, by a motorcycle accident. But I've heard a lot of stories about how he died, but it's just crazy!! We didn't hear anything.... No sirens, crash, nothing!! -_-

I am excited to be heading to Marapá!!! I am grateful of my wonderful blessings and my family! I love this gospel and I am grateful for this awesome job as a missionary!!! Remember to always have a smile and until next week.

Elder McCrea
Egluadio (member) He is awesome!

What happened when I knew I was getting transferred... :`(

Wesley (member) and Elder Teixeiria

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