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Monday, December 9, 2013

Mitchell, Week 18, Santarém

Heat heat heat heat heat and more heat

Hahah!! My sister wrote her weekly letter about snow.... and I will write my letter about heat! :P I am sorry sis... Stay Warm!!

But this week has had its ups and downs..... Didn't have a baptism. We are working with a couple of people. Ronilda, Secretary of Bishop. She knows the church is true and prays and reads. (Her prayers rock!!) But she just doesn't want to leave her church.... I think she will follow the example of Jesus Christ to baptism in the next couple of weeks. Isabela, Daughter of Irma Glaucia. She turned 8 years old on the 30th of November. Her older 2 sisters are baptised (Leandrea and Yasmin) but she wants to go to church and listens to our lessons. But the problem is her grandma is like her mom. She does everything for her and talks to her like she is her daughter. But we talked with Irma Glaucia yesterday and told her, you are her daughter and she wants to go with you and her family to church. So Irma Glaucia promised she will talk with her mom this week. but Ahh!!!!  All Isabela is missing is going to church 2 times!!! Another one is brothers, Kalel and Kadu. They are awesome!! Cousins of members and they have visited the church a lot but years ago. The problem is that they say their dad doesn't want them to be baptised. But Elder Teixeira is great and he promised to talk to their dad. 

Elder Teixeira is great! Santa Vaca! He is blunt and it awesome. He sure knows how to get the point across and get the job done. Hahah! He has about 4 months left and knows how to teach. But I am grateful I get the chance to be his companion.

This week we are gonna try to work with Ronilda and see if she accepts to be baptised this week. But we are also gonna focus on new investigators and get more people to church because we will have a white Christmas on the 28th of December. Where we will work and try to get tons of baptisms this day and have a baptism day at the stake center for our zone. But I am excited for that!! Also excited for Thursday! Where we will have Christmas conference for our zone and then the 25th will get to Skype to my parents!!!! :D I am excited for this but also for this season!! 

I know this church is true and I am grateful for my wonderful blessings in my life! I love my family so much with all my heart!! I know that our savior Jesus Christ died for our sins and he loves all of us. I also realized this week that "Salvation is not a cheap experience [and isn't easy]" (Elder Holland) But missionary work isn't easy. But I am so grateful for this chance I have to serve a mission and be great of this marvellous work! I love you all!! Stay warm if its hot or try to stay cold if its hot! :P


Elder McCrea

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