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Monday, December 9, 2013

Mariah, Week 23, Zaporozhye

Snow snow snow snow snow and more snow

This week's e-mail is gonna be short. Which reasons I will explain later on.

ANYWAY. I jinxed myself by saying that it was cold and that I'd never survive through the winter when I wrote last week... because it's pretty much snowed every day this week since then. Yup. Monday night was the first snowfall of Winter 2014 in Zaporozhye Ukraine. Granted, it didn't snow very much because it didn't stay on the ground very long. But still. It was cold. And miserable. And not fun. Because the cold wind was in my face. And I was frozen. And I almost died this week. 
No, not because of the snow... but because of something that I nicknamed "sickness X". For the last half of this week, I was sick at home, passed out sleeping and trying to recover. I have no idea how I got sick or what... I started feeling really tired Thursday night. I didn't have much of an appetite for dinner that night, but I didn't really think anything of it. I was just really excited because Sister Burgoyne, the Sister Training Leader who is over Zaporozhye, and her companion, Sister Frank, were coming to do exchanges with us on Friday. I was supposed to go out on exchanges with the wonderful Sister Burgoyne -- but... when I woke upFriday, I didn't want to do anything. Which -- long story short -- I was sick from Friday until... today. I'm finally starting to feel better, and I'm able to walk around without a headache or being dizzy or anything. It was great. And I'm sure Sister Nielsen enjoyed the time that she got to be able to stay in and not go anywhere. She even made this huge to do list and almost got it all finished. What a champ.

Well! This really is going to be a short letter. We just got a message from our landlady and we have to scurry off to meet with her or something or other. I have no idea.

P.S. Here is a picture of me. In the snow. And Chimichanga! :D One of the dogs that I've decided that I'm going to adopt when I come back to Ukraine after my mission. (She's a little camera shy... and she didn't like the camera flash very much.)

Short spiritual thought: Luke 1:37

Read it. Love it. Own it.

-- Sister McCrea

Mariah and her companion, Sister Nielsen

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