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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mitchell, Week 9, Santarém

Love from the Amazon.

This week was pretty hard but good for me. I am sorry there are misspellings in this letter. But I am writing fast and this keyboard isn't the best. 

I am slowly getting the language. I wish it could go faster!! I don´t know what i am doing wrong but i want to talk to my investigators and members like myself. I fell I am not acting and talking normally, talking rarely, not playing with the kids, and just looking like a stupid white american. But something I am thinking a lot this week is trade my fear with faith!! I know the language will come with time! I fasted for this and my investigators this week twice. holy cow!! It was hard to fast with no water. It's easy about the food but no water is pretty hard. But this week we should have my 1st baptism. his name is Pablo. He has such a loving character. He has one brother which recently got baptized and his sister which will be baptized next week. but all 3 live with there grandma which is 97 years old! She is so funny! She always gives me a hug and just talks and talks. 90% of the time I have no clue what she is saying. But she walks and is very mobile. There house is all wood. Very simple and basic. Alloys me to appreciate what I and we have back in the states.

But Elder Neres and I are doing well. This past Saturday he asked me to share my testimony in English to him and I started crying and so did he. It always gets me..... I always get emotional when I think of you guys and what you did for Mariah and me. I am crying right now! I sure do love you!!! SO much!! 

I would say this week I am a little home sick. Not that I miss home. But that I worry about you two. You dad working 100+ hours plus studying and you mom by yourself with diabetes and just by yourself. I worry so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! A thought keep coming to my mind is I wont see one of y'all again. I sure do love you 2!! I am so grateful for what you did for me in my life! Just please be careful and don´t do anything stupid or whatever!! I am not worried about myself at all. Just promise me that I will see you in 2 years both in one whole! 

 This mission life is good! I cant wait till I am speaking fluently! Btw.... you were right! HAHAHA I should have learned how to play the piano! I could shot myself in the head right now. My ward has no one to play and I wish I could! I am sorry I was stupid and didn't listen to y'all. But my ward is cool. The chapel is close to our apt about a less then 10 min walk. Tons of people here cant say my name right. worse then Laredo. They always wanna say Mc Creu. There is a funky rapper/dj famous here in Brasil that has that name (Mc Creu) That always annoys me but what can i do. haha

I think that is about it for this week. I still gotta send you guys some pictures of this week. But here is my list of things to send. Btw I would need it asap PLEASE!!!! I am tearing up my pants. But my shoes are fine. I am just doing a lot of walking and just sweating a lot. 

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