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Monday, September 30, 2013

Mitchell, Week 10, Santarém

A lesson for my mission and for my life:  "If we apply ourselves 99%, we will be blessed; If we apply ourselves 100%, we will see miracles." 
Howdy! This week was pretty amazing!! It was so hot this week! I sweated so much!! But we had our 1st baptism this past week! :D His name is Pablo. His brother was baptized about a month ago and his sister works a lot but she should be baptized in about a week or so. But he has such a loving spirit. They live with his grandma that is 98 years old and have such a basic house. 2 hammocks, old old couch, outdoor sink, 2 burner stove, and a fan. They have so little... But he wanted me to baptism him, which I was grateful! 

My first baptism in Brazil:  Pablo

Elder Neres and I are slowly getting to know each other more. The members here in Santarem are wonderful! The food is ``so o file`` slang for fricken good! But EVERY meal we have had rice, beans, and chicken or some type of meat. But it is sooo good! They have this soda called Tuchaua which is amazing. plus this past week I had like 4 meals with suco (juice) SOOOOO good!! But after the meal the members 95% of the time choose me (tall white american) to say the spiritual thought/message. So I have gotten pretty good at that. hahaha :) But I am loving it! Like I said I am sweating tons this week. Its getting into summer now down here. But we are teaching a inactive member and his girlfriend and their kids. I have been told it is really where to find a investigator that is married. So we are working with them. But the mom of the family is learning fast and all is going well in their family. The language is going. Elder Neres helps me out during lessons with words. But I am slowly understanding more and more. But being here has definitely opened my eyes and allowed me to appreciate what we have in the states.

My Missionary district.  Notice 8 of the 12 (2/3's) of the missionaries are from Brazil or South America.  Way cool!

But dad you got a blessing in your mission.... you shaved like 1/2 way through.... I am like shaving like every day! Which sucks! But hey I think I am more manly then you.... just kidding. Please be safe dad and mom! like I said last week,  the thought of not seeing you again keeps coming to my mind and it bugs me CRAZY! But please be safe!! I am sweating a lot down here! Which means chow chow (bye bye) weight!! Hahaha We are walking tons also. But I also gained some weight at the MTC, which didn't help! But I am loving it here. Like I asked mom, I know she printed some pictures to send in a box. But is it possible to send like 10 pics or so by email because I have been asked many times and I have none. Because this next Monday we will be going by bus to the central of Santarem and I can print pictures there. 

I sure do love you three!! I cant wait that I can talk fluent. because I know I can be much more effective and act like myself. Plus I think Elder Neres gets upset because he has to repeat himself a lot and he hates that..... 

But if you can do that favor with the pictures and email me some. (family, trike, pets....) Also if you can put money in my account. I will be going to the central this next money and ill see what stuff they have.... (jerseys, shirts, Brasil, etc.)  

I will send some pictures after this email and I sure do love you so much!!! 

Com amor (with love),

Elder McCrea

Santarem Chapel

Amazon lizard

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