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Monday, September 16, 2013

Mitchell, Week 8, Santarém

I sure do love ya'll so much!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure how much time I have left but This is the weekly update. 

SANTO VACA!!! (holy cow) Its totally a different world down here. I got here safely in Santarem on Monday. My area is Trapajos. The city is right on the Amazon. My companion Elder Neres is a native from Sao Paulo. A convert for 6 years. Has such an amazing spirit and testimony!! Funny thing is he doesn´t speak any English. But we are getting a long. 

I am getting better at Portuguese and slowly getting the hang of things down here. Something I keep in mind was what my professor said at the MTC. Bro. Cannon said.... SURVIVE the 1st 2 weeks. that is so true! I have seen some weird things here.... for example Elder Neres and I taught a lesson this past Saturday with a investigator breastfeeding her child right in sight with no cover at all. Seen kids naked, going to the restroom where ever. Also there is no ac. This area I would say is kinda like your mission dad. But  my apartment is just with Elder Neres and I, we got no ac, kitchen, washer, and all the basics. But the people here say its hot. I personally think is beautiful in Santarem just a little sweaty. I would say its kinda like Laredo.

But in Belem. Brasil I was sweating the Amazon because its so humid there. plus I was in Belem for like 6 days for the police stuff and fingerprinting. But when I was there it rained everyday. President Scisci is AMAZING!! Both he and his wife are from Sao Paulo area. He is such an awesome president. Sister Scisci always tell everyone in the mission and this past Sunday we had stake conference she said a quote I told her my 1st night here.... 99% obedience brings blessings and 100% obedience brings miracles. I am glad she liked the quote, but she has told everyone in the mission. 

So there are a lot of eyes watching me now.  But I love it.  The missionaries here are awesome as well. There are more natives then Americans in this mission. The members here feed us every day for lunch but have so little. Most members have a small house.  A recent member we are teaching his girl friend; His name is Roque,  His house is probably the size of my MTC room.  He has such a amazing testimony and has a great love for God and Jesus Christ.  The best thing I love here are the people!  The people here have such a loving kindness for the missionaries and our messages we have, member or not! I am trying my best in showing my love for them but I wish i could talk to them more.  But I know it will come with time. I am so grateful I got to receive my visa. I wish I could write more to ya`ll but I hope this helps. I am glad you are are sending me a letter with your email dad. I didn`t have much time to read it all. But I got some good news, Chelsey emailed me and she reports to the MTC in 9 days. But if you 2 could email her and congrat her and give her encouragement I know she would enjoy it! But I am making a list. I think next week I will email what I need. But I hope you received my box from the MTC and the small envelope from the airport in SLC. I sure do love yall so much! I am grateful for what I have and sure do love the people here so much!!! I wish I could express my love for the people but I need to learn the language 1st. Here are some pictures. I am still getting used to everything. I had so many emails from friends and all. I probably won`t finish responding to them all right now. but next week and the weeks to come I hope my email time goes more smoothly. I sure do love you and please be safe you dad in the field and you mom by yourself. I always worry about you two. I sure do love you sis!! Please enjoy that cold for me and send some over here. I hope your doing swell in Ukraine. I love you 3 so much and i hope you know that I do. 

Com muto Amor,
Elder McCrea

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