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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mitchell, week 76, Obidos


WOW!! This past week was crazy! Well transfers was finally finished around Tuesday and I am...... staying in ÓBIDOS!!!!! :) HECK YEA!!!!! I love it here! Its weird I am staying plus with Elder Machado! WE both have over 3 transfers together and this is the 4th already! CRAZY!! But we are still getting along like bread and butter! (I think that's how the quote is...) But we are staying together for 1 more transfer and I really think one of us will be transferred for sure this next transfer (at the end of Fevereiro.) But I sure do love this guy! He is a great Elder and Brother!! (For those that don't know him... he is from Rio Grande do Sul (Southern part of Brasil) and has 7 months on a mission)

but yea this past week was tiring and crazy! we had a zone meeting in Santarém and the boat ride was great! WE got rain that night on the boat and wow there was all this annoying bugs that were attracted to the night lights on the boat. But that next morning (Wednesday ) we had the meeting. It was great!! I learned a lot of stuff and we (e. Machado and I) are taking the stuff in practice. We ended the training meeting and I stayed with an elder there in Santarém and we found a great young man with 18 years old and he has a lot of potential. But we had to stay there in Santarém that day because Elder Cruz (The new elder in Óbidos) arrived that night from Belém so we got to stay there in Santarém that night. But on Thursday morning, Elder Machado and I before we arrived at the dock to enter in the speed boat we went to Sister Glaucia/Brother Elismar (The family that I taught in my 1st area) that got married and are going strong right now! She has a calling and the family is just doing GREAT!!! I always try to see the family when I am there in Santarém! But I talked with them for awhile and left them with a spiritual thought. But we were rushing to get to the dock before 8am. Ohh and during that morning it was raining cats and dogs there!! but we got there on time but we then had to wait for the other 2 elders that will go with us. But they got there late to buy the passage so then we had to wait until 1 pm to catch the next speedboat to Óbidos. That was a bummer that we really couldn't do anything for those hours waiting on the dock. But when we finally got to Óbidos that afternoon on Thursday we went right to work!! we wanted to cut (With love) the souls that aren't really progressing but we worked hard to find people that could have potential to be baptized and will go to church as fast as possible. Because a lot of our investigators are AWESOME and will get baptized but are just waiting for their wedding paperwork to arrive. But the last days of the weeks we were trying to find people to teach that have potential! But on Saturday night we found a family that is great!! They have a lot of potential!! 

But also this week was crazy because I got called to be District Leader for the elders here in Óbidos and also for the Sister in Oriximina (A city 3-4 hours by boat) So its crazy now! But I am also excited at the same time!! But this week we will have a baptism of a daughter of a investigator named Maria Fabiane. Also this past week we got some GREAT news that the new chapel will be dedicated on 21st of Feb. so that means that I will be here for the dedication of the chapel!! :))) HECK YEA!!! Plus the next week the 28th is when we will have the conference with the apostle. :) So these month and next month will be full of miracles and many wonderful things will go down! :D Heck yea!! 

But yea I know that this week will be great! We will talk with many people and teach new souls that want to move and change their life for the better to get closer to our heavenly Father and receive the blessings from heaven!! But I know that the church is true and has the full organization with a prophet and 12 apostles and the same authority that Jesus Christ organized when he was here on earth. I love my job! Its crazy to think that here in 5-6 months I will be going home but I know I will be working hard these months to continue helping people and souls fee the love that our savior has for us! I am grateful for my savior I know that he died for our sins and we can receive perdão if we have faith in the atonement of our savior!  I love my family there in the states and my other family here in Brasil!! I love you all!!! 

I wish y'all a happy week full of miracles and blessings!! and remember to always say your prayers and read the scriptures daily! :) Até próximo semana! (Until next week) 

Com amor,
Elder McCrea

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