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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mariah, Week 19, Zaporozhye

Status update: I'm movin' to Zap!

Zaporozhye, Ukraine that is.

Yup. That's right folks. I've spend two wonderful months in the city of Nikolaev... and I'm getting transfered for my third transfer. I was seriously convinced that I would be born and die (as a missionary) in Nikolaev -- without being able to serve in any other area... but we got a phone call yesterday night from President van Bruggen. And I'm leaving for Zaporozhye today. (President likes to do transfers really quickly.)

I don't know anything about Zaporozhye other than it's a factory city or something... and my new companion will be Sister Nelson. I don't know very much about her either, other than she's really nice and was Sister Gottscheck's companion in the MTC. (Sister Gottcheck is a sister missionary who serves in Xherson, a city that's about an hour away from Nikolaev.)

It's kinda surreal. I've really gotten to love the city of Nikolaev: the people here, the wonderful branch members; Sister Dickison and I have finally gotten into a smooth flow with each other with teaching and contacting and stuff. I actually had a goal to get one of the more... (for lack of better terms) sour-puss members to warm up to me... But I guess that this is the life of a missionary. Just when you're starting to feel comfortable somewhere -- the Lord calls you someplace else where your help is needed more. I guess I did all that I was needed to do in Nikolaev, and I'm now needed in Zaporozhye. It's going to be sad to leave Sister Dickison. She's been such an awesome trainer and companion.

This last week has felt so long. It's felt like it's been forever since last P-Day... but that's probably because Sister Dickison have been everywhere this last week. Literally. We were in Xherson on Tuesday for a Zone Training meeting. Then we woke up early, early Thursday morning to take a seven-hour train ride down to Simferopol (a city that is down in the Crimea of Ukraine) for exchanges. The train ride was so awesome! And SO much better than taking a bus. But... like every 4+ hour travel trip... you start to get bored -- or at least I do. But bless Sister Dickison. She was just a great senior companion and told me "stories" and basically talked for five hours during the ride back to Nikolaev. But anyway. Exchanges in Simferopol! It was awesome! We stayed with the lovely Sister Esplin (sp) and Sister Patterson. Yup! I got to go on exchanges with Sister Patterson, one of my MTC companions! It was so great to be able to see her again! She's grown and changeed so much since I've last seen her, and her Russian is so great! I learned a lot from her, and I'm excited to see her again later in our missions, when we've improved even more on our Russian and missionary skills~

Still no investigators in Nikolaev... and I feel so bad for leaving Sister Dickison and her new companion with no investigators. But we've found a few potiental people during contacting this week... so hopefully they'll have some luck with those contacts. 

Ahh... time's running out. A hour and a half for internet time is too short! The time goes by so fast.

Until next week! Stay fresh, and stay warm. :)

mucho love,
Sister McCrea

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